Tuesday’s Headlines: State Pols Crack Down on de Blasio Edition

Gross. Photo: Rolls-Royce
Gross. Photo: Rolls-Royce

Monday was the latest big day in Albany — but unlike prior legislative breakthroughs such as speed cameras or driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, the deal that cleared the way for legalization of e-bikes was a direct slap in the face of Mayor de Blasio, who has been exploiting the apparent illegality of e-bikes to criminalize mostly immigrant delivery workers.

Streetsblog was all over the sausage making process that will lead to Sen. Jessica Ramos and Assembly Member Nily Rozic’s bill passing on Wednesday. But almost everyone covered the apparent end to the ability of the NYPD to confiscate e-bikes:

And here was the rest of yesterday’s news:

  • He already has state police near the bridges and tunnels, but now Gov. Cuomo says he’ll deploy 500 cops — 200 from the NYPD — to crack down on fare-beating. Clayton Guse’s story did pay lip service to the racial disparity in subway arrests (but a bigger mouth is needed on that point). (NYDN)
  • New buses are coming to Staten Island (amNY) to go along with the redesigned bus network and OMNY pay system.
  • Gov. Cuomo asked the MTA, which he controls, to do a better job during the upcoming WorldPride celebrations. (Gothamist)
  • Doug Gordon and future Doug Gordons celebrated the new protected bike lane on Fourth Avenue on Monday, and our pal Clarence Eckerson Jr. was there with his Streetfilms camera. Make sure you wait for the closing quote from Council Member Brad Lander.
  • A transit planner who works with the consulting firm that is consulting on the BQX streetcar says, predictably, in a Crain’s op-ed that the BQX is better than a regular bus. Fact: no one said it wasn’t — though many have pointed out that a super duper bus rapid transit line would be cheaper, and possibly better, than the $3-billion streetcar.
  • Oy, Bay Ridge and bike lanes. If this was a rom-com, these two longtime enemies would someday realize they actually love each other! (But not yet, according to Hey Ridge)
  • Gross national product: Ick. Just ick. Gross. Ugh. Please try not to read this Observer article about the new $325,000 Rolls-Royce SUV (sorry “high-sided vehicle”). It’s gross. You’ll need to take a shower after. Just deplorable. Horrible. The worst of the worst.
  • And, finally, your daily dose of bike porn. (Fast Company)
  • kevd
  • Joe R.

    In all fairness NYC has the least single family zoning of any major city. Also, all of it appears to be in areas far from subways.

    I’m stunned at the amount of land zoned for single family detached housing in other cities. The big problem though is you can’t just upzone it before you build transit unless you want to create massive traffic problems. NYC was smart in that respect. When we built the subways, they went to virtual greenfields in the outer boroughs. That was fine because we knew density would follow in short order. In the places where we didn’t build the subway to, that density never came.

  • com63

    Buses and bus lanes would work in most cities. There just isn’t political will to take away space from cars in most places.

  • Daphna

    Can we start a movement to pedestrianize Broadway from 72nd Street to Canal Street? It needs it!

  • charlotte

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