Friday’s Headlines: Smile for the Speed Cameras Edition

Mayor de Blasio has been a strong supporter of speed cameras. Photo: Benjamin Canter/Mayoral Photography Office
Mayor de Blasio has been a strong supporter of speed cameras. Photo: Benjamin Canter/Mayoral Photography Office

And you thought Mayor de Blasio was only running for president. Well, yes, he’s doing that — but before he travels to Nevada on Friday night, Hizzoner will announce a plan to “rapidly expand the school zone speed camera program,” , according to his press office. The mayor will take questions, too, which means our own Julianne Cuba will be firing off queries left and right (yes, she’ll also want to know about Dyckman Street!).

It’ll have to be Cuba because today is David Meyer’s last day at Streetsblog, and I’m busy planning the much-deserved all-day/all-night tribute. Seriously, Meyer deserves a rousing sendoff from his colleagues and from our readers, who have followed this delightful reporter’s work for more than three years. (Full archive here.) Since the departure of decade-long Streetsblogger Ben Fried in September, Meyer has been our institutional memory — the repository of bizarre mayoral comments, a bona-fide expert on the 14th Street busway, and the keeper of our running list of which pols are enlightened on livable streets issues and which just think they are. Meyer leaves for the New York Post, so our loss is definitely a larger gain.

On a personal level, I will especially miss him, given that he’s destined for greatness and if he stayed longer, I could have claimed some of the credit. It’s what I do.

So farewell, David Meyer, and don’t forget us in your 2028 Pulitzer speech. Now the news:

  • It’s a good thing for this lost subway dog that Joe “Let ‘Em Die” Lhota isn’t still in charge of New York City Transit (though neither Guse at the Newsuh nor Sullivan at the Post pointed out that rich history).
  • The Post reported on a run-in with the serial subway brake-puller, who is now estimated to have delayed 750 trains (NY Times).
  • That City story about the community board that blew taxpayer money on an SUV isn’t going away. (NY Post)
  • In case you didn’t know, it is not OK to feed your rat on a subway. (NY Post, Gothamist, which sectioned the story to “food”)
  • Anything that fixes the Port Authority Bus Terminal is a good thing (unless, I suppose, it becomes a parking lot). (WSJ, Politico)
  • WNYC’s James Ramsay offered some tips for surviving Penn Station.
  • Bobby Cuza continues his multi-day look at London’s 16-year-old experiment with congestion pricing. (NY1)
  • And, finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that part of the Meyer farewell included Thursday’s teambuilding exercise for the entire Streetsblog newsroom at Citi Field. The Mets won in dramatic fashion, but, more important, we learned valuable lessons in collegiality (by which we mean when Community Editor Eve Kessler bought us all one Bud tallboy to share). Here’s the Streetsblog crew just before the Mets retook the lead for good.
The Streetsblog team (from left) Editor Gersh Kuntzman, Reporter Julianne Cuba, Community Editor Eve Kessler and Senior Reporter David Meyer (in Senators hat) discussed many topics during its teambuilding trip to Citi Field on Thursday. Photo: Vince DiMiceli
(From left) Editor Gersh Kuntzman, reporter Julianne Cuba, Community Editor Eve Kessler and senior reporter David Meyer (in Senators hat) discussed many topics during their teambuilding trip to Citi Field on Thursday. Photo: Vince DiMiceli


  • Joseph Cutrufo

    Love the Senators hat, David. As for Gersh’s hat, let’s just say I’m still not over 1986.

  • Daphna

    HELP! The new pigment being used for bike lanes and bus lanes has a thickness to it that makes it ROUGH and BUMPY. Once applied, that pigment makes a freshly paved road feel instead like a road that is graded and awaiting the asphalt. For a bus lane the tradeoff between greater durability and the roughness might be worth it. But for a bike lane, this new pigment is AWFUL. Biking on the pavement where the zebra stripes are is smooth and in complete contrast to the horrible rough feel where the green pigment has been applied. Even if this pigment is more durable, this is not the right solution for a bike lane as the roughness makes the lanes unpleasant and unusable for people who can not tolerate that degree of vibration from the roughness. It is a shame: that new green pigment takes good pavement and makes it feel like it is substantially deteriorated.

    Ideas on how to petition the DOT to stop using this pigment?? Who should be notified that this pigment should NOT be used in bike lanes??

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    Sorry, Joe, but I am a Mets fan from 1965. Been through lots of bad years, but I’m still with the Amazin’s

  • urbanresidue

    Gersh seems to have missed one of the big features about replacing the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It currently has one of NYC’s most massive parking garages on its top three floors. The plans do not replace that parking in a new terminal.

  • cjstephens

    Finally, a news hook where I can vent about this: people, stop bringing your dogs on the subway. I love dogs – most of my Instagram feed is made up of adorable puppies. But the rules about bringing dogs (the non-working kind) on the subway? They exist for a reason. And now, as per the stories cited above, an adorable puppy is probably facing off with a pack of jaded angry subway rats.

    Is it my imagination, or did this whole bringing-your-dog-on-the-subway just start out of thin air maybe two years ago? Since most of the people who don’t seem to care to follow the rules skew bourgeois (I’m looking at you, F train), was there an episode of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” that encouraged everyone to bring dogs with them on the subway? Did a “This American Life” convince all of Park Slope that this was a good idea? Because it’s not. Subways can make for sensory overload for humans (the loud noises, the unpredictable vibrations), so imagine how terrifying it can be for dogs.

    Stop it people. Just stop. Generally speaking, we don’t deserve dogs. But people who bring their dogs on the subway, not safe in a container but walking on a leash? They definitely don’t deserve dogs.

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    I did miss that! Sorry! GERSH

  • Joe R.

    Also, dogs are poorly equipped to survive in the subways, unlike cats who have been found many days, or even weeks, later, not much the worse for wear.

    And now, as per the stories cited above, an adorable puppy is probably facing off with a pack of jaded angry subway rats.

    Yep, this wouldn’t end well for the poor puppy. Meanwhile, a pack of rats is probably like ringing the dinner bell for a loose cat.

  • Larry Littlefield

    They ought to have built the Gateway tunnel as four tracks, extended the Flushing Line, and built a subway station at bus terminal adjacent to the train station at Secaucus.

    And charged a subway/PATH fare less to take a train or bus to Secaucus than going all the way to Penn or the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

    This would have meant only those who could walk or Citibike to their destinations would go directly to Manhattan, taking the stress off Penn and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. And there would have been an alternative during construction in place.

    The generation that can’t do anything right but pillage.

  • TheFrequentPoster

    Gersh, can I bring my AR-15 on the subway and be traumatized for life?

  • AMH

    I haven’t noticed that, but thermoplastic definitely adds an unpleasant bump. I try to ride between the markings.


Big wheels keep on turning, big blue bikes keep on rolling. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

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