Thursday’s Headlines: School Zone Parking Soapbox Edition

Too much teacher parking leaves no room for this school bus, which ends up in the bike lane. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Too much teacher parking leaves no room for this school bus, which ends up in the bike lane. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

Anyone lucky enough to have been biking around yesterday enjoyed more than just the weather. Thanks to public school vacations, our roadways were far less congested and far less stressful than normal weekdays — and there’s a simple reason why: When schools aren’t in session, teachers aren’t driving, which they do more than they should because Mayor de Blasio handed out 50,000 parking placards to school employees. All those teachers’ cars fill up all the curb space around schools — which then encourage other drivers and school buses to double-park next to them. The result lots of cars, many of them illegally parked, around schools filled with kids — not a good combination.

The next mayor should do whatever he or she can to get teachers off the roads. This blissful, low-traffic week is evidence of it.

And now we’ll hop down off the soapbox to deliver the news:

  • Sassojr

    Waiting for the highly unpopular sequel to S’coplaws where Gersh starts running teacher plates and makes mountains out of molehills. “FOUR parking tickets in the past four years!”

  • Simon Phearson

    Is there any way we can hold Cuomo’s feet to the fire on congestion pricing.

    His spokespeople are saying, “The MTA will decide, no deals have been made,” and the MTA is saying, “We’re not aware of these deals,” but we all know how it works by now. Chuckles is trying to deflect current attention by pretending there’s a process, when we know that at the end of the day the MTA and the TRB (or whatever it is) will serve up with precisely the report whose outcome has been preordained by all this backroom wheeling-and-dealing. So when they finally come out and say, “Everyone’s exempt! We’ll just shuffle funding sources around a bit!” there won’t be any time, or any opportunity, left to do anything about it.

    So disappointing to see the advocacy community fall for yet another bait and switch.

  • Sassojr

    Nope, you can’t. The coward even put off the release of the plan until after election day 2020 (one of the few concrete details on the matter) to protect all the incumbents in the legislature.

    I still can’t believe the audacity of NJ pols pretending that they are getting screwed when they actually had a pretty sweet deal already. Less traffic in the city (if the flawed plan actually works) with no disincentive to drive. They should be getting zero CP discounts, not more.

  • Elizabeth F

    > Is there any way we can hold Cuomo’s feet to the fire on congestion pricing.

    The constant demand for carve-outs by people who live near bridges is a symptom of a core problem with the congestion pricing scheme: it implements congestion pricing in the Manhattan core without Gridlock Sam’s Fair Tolls scheme.

    As for NJ and congestion pricing carveouts: as with the outer boroughs, the vast majority of commuters from NJ use NJ Transit (bus or train). And most of the few that drive, at least from Bergen County, probably do not drive into the congestion district. For those that DO drive into the congestion zone… they’re already paying so much for parking, they can almost certainly afford the congestion fee as well. Bergen County is also well served by transit: just about wherever you live, there’s a bus to Port Authority at the end of your block that runs every 5 minutes during rush hour.

    OTOH, if NJ does get carve-outs, it might as well annex midtown Manhattan; because NJ drivers will end up being the majority.

  • Lisa Orman

    it’s more than the teachers driving…it’s the parents dropping their kids off at school. PARENTS are endangering the lives of all of our kids. let’s restrict driving around schools and parents will stop driving.

  • walks bikes drives

    It has much less to do with teachers driving, who are getting in to work before most people leave their homes for work, and leave while most are still in work. It’s not even about the parents driving their kids. Its about the fact that so many New Yorkers are on vacation this week because their kids, have the week off.

    Now, school buses blocking bike lanes, etc, yes, they are not blocking since there are no kids.


Streets around NYC schools are about to get more chaotic.

Reversing Bloomberg Reforms, City Will Reissue Tens of Thousands of Teacher Parking Placards

Get ready for a lot more car traffic and illegal parking around New York City schools. The de Blasio administration is returning to a system that enables widespread abuse of parking privileges, with the Department of Education agreeing to hand out parking placards to any school employee who has a car and requests one, reversing reforms instituted during the Bloomberg administration.