Tuesday’s Headlines: Mayor de Blasio is So Obviously Running Edition

Mayor de Blasio shook up his senior communications staff on Monday (Politico, NYDN, NY Post), which is what you do when you’re running for president — which the Post editorial board thinks is the most laughable thing it has ever heard.

The internet, of course, long ago started acting like de Blasio isn’t even mayor anymore. There is, of course, ample evidence that Hizzoner has checked out: his lack of commitment on even signature programs such as the Queens Boulevard redesign, his disregard for placard corruption and reckless police driving, his begrudging, once-a-week press avails, his lack of leadership on congestion pricing, his handing off the $4-billion reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to a blue ribbon panel…the list goes on and on. So, yes, he’s probably running (he’d better be, or he has some esplainin’ to do…)

Meanwhile, here’s the news of the day:

  • Wow, Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch threw a stinkbomb in the garden party with a Daily News op-ed demanding congestion pricing carveouts for cops. But in a rare editorial, Streetsblog told him what we think of his idea. And our news pages also covered the fallout. Gridlock Sam Schwartz reminded everyone that cops don’t get an exemption on other New York area tolls, so they shouldn’t get one here (Gothamist).
  • Now that New York has approved a London-style congestion pricing plan, the London media is trolling us to do more! (ARTNews)
  • Ever wonder what Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez is doing when he’s not doing his job and busting drivers for leaving the scene of crashes? Now we know. (NY Post)
  • A woman was run over by a bus — a bus! — on a poorly designed roadway in Battery Park City last week. And yet the Tribeca Trib somehow found a way to blame Citi Bike.
  • We really wish Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would stop giving so much ammunition to her detractors. Her comments on the merits of the D.C. subway system over New York’s earned the wrath they received. (NYDN)
  • Here’s a fun read about early subway graffiti. (amNY)
  • And finally, we are begging you to watch this Reddit video of a cop thinking he knows how to ride a dirt bike when he obviously does not. Come for the laughs, stay for the larger point about police hubris and lack of connection to the community supposedly being served. Gothamist and the Post had it, too.
  • ortcutt

    I take it as obvious that he has no chance of winning. So, the question is, is he delusional or does this serve some other purpose, like raising his national profile for jobs as a CNN pundit or something?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Beats me. Unless it isn’t so obvious that pandering to self-interest groups in a crowded field isn’t a way to win in the Democratic Party.
    Consider the views of someone who actually follows that separate and distinct group from the rest of us, NY’s political crowd, on whether DeBlasio had any chance to become Mayor. No way, he said.

    And then there is Trump. Let’s face it, the system is set up to screen out anybody concerned with the basic well being of most people, and any concern about the well being of most people ten years from now.
    I might consider voting FOR a couple of the announced Democratic candidates. Otherwise, it’s pretty much going to be voting against again, and given that I know the Democratic candidate is going to win NY in any event, probably writing in Daffy Duck.

  • iSkyscraper

    The Tribeca Trib should be ashamed of their reporting. That Citibike station is well placed and never harmed anyone. Blaming it for this death, which had nothing to do with bikes, is outrageous.

    South End Ave should have been redesigned a long time ago but Gateway residents have blocked many of the plans because they are obsessed with not walking more than a couple steps to a cab stand. The city should ignore them.

  • Josef Szende
  • AMH

    The ARTnews piece is great. There are so many things we could be doing if we actually had a mayor.

  • AMH

    “One of the reasons people don’t like crossing at the crosswalks there is that you get run over by people who have gotten their Citi Bikes.”

    We’re all sick of the hyperbole. It’s abundantly obvious that no one gets run over by people with CitiBikes. However, there is a fair amount of CitiBike traffic using the curb cut nearest the station, as you might expect when you put a bike station on the sidewalk. If this makes pedestrians uncomfortable, the station could be moved to the curb and replace some car parking.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The fear, based on what other would-be Presidents have done in the past, isn’t that DeBlasio will neglect his job. It is that he will activity sell out the future of the city to interests that can help him politically.

    It’s that they all have done, Republican, Democrat, Independent, including for campaign fliers for campaigns that never actually took place.

    I’ll give him credit if he doesn’t but he’s been swimming in that same stagnant pool for most of his career.

  • Joe R.

    President and vice-president of Venezuela would be the perfect jobs for deBlasio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. At least we’ll be rid of their far-left lunacy in this country. Note that AOC is dead on with the Green New Deal, forgiving student loans, and maybe going with a single-payer healthcare system, but some of her agenda is just way out there, particularly open borders.

  • Joe R.

    What I see is the Democratic party imploding again. After the Joe Biden stuff came out, some were calling on him to “step aside and support one of the many talented and qualified women running”. We’re right back to coronating the most likely to win female candidate again, just like we did with Clinton in 2016. Good luck with that. Between that and the far left position of a lot of the people in the running, we’ve just handed the election to Trump in 2020.

    Maybe try looking for a competent candidate who has national popular appeal, talks about real issues, and actually has a policy that helps most people, not just special interest groups like the wealthy, labor unions, public employees, etc. And don’t have any litmus tests for that candidate in terms of age, gender, etc. That’s another big problem with today’s Democratic party, namely diversity for its own sake, even if it’s at the expense of competence.