Tuesday’s Headlines: So Long, Marty, We Hardly Knew Ye Edition

State Senator Marty Golden’s tenure as a street safety impediment ended with his final concession Monday to Democrat Andrew Gounardes in their thisclose race. Lots of outlets covered it, including the Daily News and amNY (playing it straight), Gothamist (pointing out Golden’s failure to support speed cameras), and Streetsblog (turning Golden’s concession into a retrospective on his years of fighting for unsafe streets). Bottom line: pedestrians and cyclists who value their lives won’t miss Marty Golden.

And now, the news from an otherwise slow news day:

  • Battle lines are drawn: Mayor de Blasio’s Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Meera Joshi slammed Gov. Cuomo’s congestion surcharge on cabs. The mayor, of course, has still not fully signed off on the Governor’s larger congestion pricing plan. (amNY, WSJ)
  • Still upset about the Amazon deal? Splinter and Gizmodo have stories for you!
  • Everyone loves a good “the subway’s on fire!” photo — and Gothamist has it.
  • Bklyner provided coverage of Sunday’s touching World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Crash Victims event at Borough Hall. Streetsblog also covered ceremonies in San Francisco and Chicago.
  • The Villager celebrates the new protected bike lane on Delancey Street.
  • Looks like Martha Stewart should stick to that $5,000 e-bike, given how badly her first Uber ride went. (NY Post)
  • Sorry, New York Post, but we’ve been saying Council Member Justin Brannan is the new “King of Brooklyn” for years! Welcome to the party. (NY Post)
  • Gotham Gazette offers part one in a series of articles on fixing buses.
  • And, finally …

  • AnoNYC

    Congestion pricing needs to be the primary issue in the state legislature this upcoming session. It requires implementation ASAP.

    And glad to hear the Delancey St bikes lanes are complete. Does anyone know when the bus lanes will be painted for the L train shutdown?

    Oh, and any information about the Bronx bus routes redesign?

  • Joseph Cutrufo

    I like the way Pedego, the maker of Martha Stewart’s bike, describes the battery: “It weighs less than a housecat.”

    How much does a housecat weigh?

  • qrt145

    Between 4 and 5 kg, according to Wikipedia. But the point is that you should be able to hold the battery on your lap while watching TV.

  • Joe R.

    Mine weighs a bit under 4 kg but she’s on the small side:


    The other two who passed away last year were in the range mentioned by Wikipedia.