Tuesday’s Headlines: Can You Go Three Days In L.A. Without a Car Edition

It’s Day Two at the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ annual conference in L.A., where I have still not used a car (I’ve been on the bus, used my feet and ridden a bike so far). On tap today? I’ll be taking in a few plenaries, attending a few workshops and sitting in on a panel by New York City DOT legends Janette Sadik-Khan (emeritus) and Polly Trottenberg (current). I’ll be the guy heckling in the back row (kidding!).

Now, the news:

  • Ian Turner

    At a conference? Of course you can. I once spent a week at a conference it Atlanta and never left the hotel.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Dozens of Manhattan residents are suing to stop the L train shutdown.”

    Correction: dozens of Manhattan residents are suing to DEFER the L train shutdown — and any and all other consequences of decades of decisions to sell off our collective future — until they will not longer be around to experience any of the consequences, to even a minor degree. Defer the consequences even at the cost of making them worse later on.

    Consistent with every decision being make these days, all over the U.S. More and more, the sold out future is arriving sooner than Generation Greed wanted it to.

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    It’s a fair point. I will tweak the language.

  • crazytrainmatt

    From the NY Times article: “There was ample time and ample location for this bicyclist to pull over,” a defense lawyer, Jeremy Saland, told the judge

  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s the Post’s language. But it’s not true, because it has to happen eventually.

  • HamTech87

    As the Moynihan Station article points out, the MTA and NYPD aren’t the only cops in the stations. Governor Cuomo drops a bunch of state troopers into Grand Central Terminal for no apparent reason other than spite towards De Blasio. With people on non-NYC state roads getting hit by motorists in increasing numbers, can’t Cuomo use these state troopers to patrol motorists speeding and violating pedestrian rights-of-way in crosswalks? Lots of schools are along busy state roads, and parents, teachers and administrators would welcome enforcement, as the driving culture is to not stop for pedestrians and to treat the speed limit as a ‘minimum’.

  • I hear about people these days who actually live in Los Angeles without owning a car.

  • Elizabeth F

    Good on the Verrazzano. Now when will they fix the name on the Throggs Neck Bridge?

  • Elizabeth F

    Or Cuomo could use speed cameras to patrol motorists speeding near schools outside of NYC. Just a thought…

  • Brad Aaron

    Pretty sure Streetsblog has at least one site dedicated to getting around L.A. without a car.

  • vnm

    It isn’t TRULY fixed until they add back in the apostrophe: Throgg’s Neck

  • com63

    They exist. It is very possible with transit, bikes, scooters, lyft and rental cars.

  • AMH

    My friend is one; he take cars everywhere though. One day maybe I can convince him to use the Metro station right next to his apartment.

  • AMH

    I’m incredibly relieved that this BS did not work.

  • AMH

    The article about siloed policing at Penn Station is eye-opening. I had not thought about the balkanization that makes Penn feel like three different stations (four with Moynihan) carrying over to the security side. The fact that you have to show a ticket to go down an Amtrak escalator but not to take the stairs is evidence of this. It drives me nuts when people say “In a perfect world [you would do what every reasonably-civilized city already does]”.