Wednesday’s Headlines: This Can’t Be Happening Edition

I’m sorry, but I’ve ridden the bus with many unsavory creatures over there years (looking at you, Curtis Sliwa!) but the story that there may be bedbugs on MTA buses is all I’m thinking about right now. Bedbugs. On the buses. Read all about it here. And here.

And now the real news:

  • There was lots of coverage of the MTA’s Tuesday announcement about its 23 new “group station managers” (amNY, Daily News, NY Post, Politico) — and frankly, you can’t fault Andy Byford for trying to clean up his messy stations. But writer-at-large Aaron W. Gordon took it down with one perfect tweet.

  • I was glad to see Patch followed up on David Meyer’s Streetsblog scoop on how judges are tossing e-bike tickets. The more media outlets that cover the de Blasio administration’s war on deliverymen, the better.
  • I was also happy to see the New York Post follow my story about how NYC Ferry users are being needlessly inconvenienced by the United Nations General Assembly. (NYP)
  • Here’s an extremely thoughtful op-ed about congestion in Our Town (yes, Our Town) by former Department of Traffic commissioner “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz. Biggest takeaway? Bikes are not causing congestion (but you knew that!).
  • Don’t forget Thursday’s mega-BQE gripefest! That is, if you care about what drivers think, of course. (amNY, Brooklyn Heights Blog)

Update: An earlier version of this story misspelled “gripe-fest,” which I guess is too Brooklyn for WordPress’s auto-correct to understand!

  • Joe R.

    As if NYers didn’t already have enough reasons to avoid buses. This is actually worse than the infamous “roach coaches” from the 1970s and 80s.

  • fdtutf

    “At one point in time our buses were regularly fumigated and there would be a sticker placed on the bus with a note that it was fumigated…This practice seems to have ceased for whatever reasons.”

    Ceasing maintenance practices and hoping for the best? That’s some WMATA-level shit right there.

  • AMH

    What’s a “mega-BQE grippiest”?

  • Larry Littlefield


  • HamTech87

    mega-BQE gripe fest?

  • HamTech87

    Cars get bedbugs too. So Uber/Lyft/Taxi users beware.

  • Joe R.

    I know all about automotive infestations. I recall once when a friend of mine offered me a ride. The interior of the car smelled like a combination of greasy food, urine and dirty diapers. There were bags of half eaten food all over the floor. Then I felt something crawling up my leg. It was a huge cockroach. I told him thanks but no thanks. Politeness prevented me from asking him how he could stand to drive a rolling roach motel.

  • stephen_nyc

    If you want real customer service company people, they should go to the archives and look at the “winners” of Annual Worst Company In America tournament. They would get the Golden Poo trophy.