Wednesday’s Headlines: Day of Atonement Edition

Sins? Sure, I have plenty, but there’s too much going on today to sit around atoning for them. So grab your coffee (or a Yom Kippur-approved substitute) and enjoy today’s news:

  • The Daily News editorial board demands that Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza get to the bottom of the school bus mess.
  • After yesterday’s paean to Andrew #StatusCuomo, the Daily News publishes an op-ed by John Raskin and Maritza Silva-Farrell that offers another view of Cuomo’s stewardship of the subway.
  • If you care about all those burned up cars at Kings Plaza, here’s the update. (NY Post, WSJ)
  • The Brooklyn Paper goes where no one else seems to be going: Why so many polling sites in the 46th District in Brooklyn haven’t even reported their results yet — one week after the election!
  • The New York Times still hasn’t removed the question mark from its offensive headline about the trial of a bus driver accused of killing a Citi Bike rider.
  • Who even knew anyone still cared about the Miss Subways contest? Vin Barone has the story for amNY.
  • ICYMI: Politico’s Dana Rubinstein reports that Mayor de Blasio’s BQX “czar” has quit, which makes sense. Rubinstein also has a deep dive on de Blasio’s failed effort to tackle congestion, but it’s only for Politico Pro subscribers.
  • Architecture students offer a new vision for the Sunnyside Yards (hint: it will never get built). (QNS)
  • Friend of Streetsblog Chesney Parks has posted another “cops getting food in bike lanes” video.
  • And, finally, here’s a great video of #CuomosMTA during yesterday’s rain storm. (H/T

  • Anonobus

    How is the question mark offensive? It’s the question the judge and jury will now answer.

  • qrt145

    Maybe because under Betteridge’s law of headlines, the answer to the question posed by the headline is “no”. 🙂

  • walks bikes drives

    Re: cops parking in bike lanes to get food- happens constantly in front of the Halal Guys on 95th and Ansterdam. There seems to be a cop parked in the bike lane almost as often as there isnt.isn’t. The precinct numbers have gone all the way up to the 34th, which is Inwood.