Thursday’s Headlines — Second Avenue Fix Edition

We’re still full speed ahead on our primary election coverage. Today, we look at Assembly District 46, which has an open seat because of the indictment of Pamela Harris. So click to read our showdown between Mathylde Frontus and Ethan Lustig-Elgrably. And all our prior coverage is archived here.

And here’s the news that’s more important than the parlor game of guessing the Trump administration resistance fighter:

  • Community Board 8’s transportation committee thankfully — and unanimously — approved of more protections for cyclists around the 59th Street Bridge, one of the most dangerous stretches for Queens-bound riders. (Now, if someone would fix Second Avenue below the bridge!)
  • Cynthia Nixon, running for governor against Andrew Cuomo, told the Daily News editorial board that Mayor de Blasio hasn’t fought hard enough for congestion pricing. (She also nailed him on lead paint. Wow, with friends like these…)
  • People often complain about the Mister Softee jingle, the Post reports, but maybe it’s because they don’t know the lyrics?
  • The Long Island Rail Road is still having a summer of hell. (NYP)
  • Uber keeps trying to be nice, but, um, call me when the company’s drivers no longer stare at a phone all day when they’re in motion. (Crain’s). An op-ed on the website takes a more critical view. And amNY’s Vin Barone also covered the company’s charm offensive (though some web programmer should stop labeling Uber stories as “transit”!).
  • Aaron Gordon, late of the Village Voice, analyzed the BQX for Curbed, and draws the conclusion Streetsblog drew.
  • And ICYMI, our own David Meyer broke the news late yesterday that Manhattan DA Cy Vance didn’t want to prosecute the taxi driver whose blocking of a Central Park West bike lane led to the death of Madison Lyden last month.

Stay cool out there, people.

  • Robert Lancer

    Correction CB8 not CB2.

  • HamTech87

    If there were tons of extra dollars floating around, and the rest of the subway and bus system were performing optimally, then sure, go ahead and do the BQX. But there are other projects more worthy, if only DiBlasio and Cuomo could get along. Utica Ave, TriboroRX, putting CBTC on all the subway lines (I found this article on CBTC by Gordon interesting: Or converting more bus routes to SBS, or as @Vooch always says, more PBLs.

  • Joe R.

    Apropos of nothing, but hopefully this is the last 90+ day until next summer. I hate this type of weather with a passion. I can’t wait for the days of fall.

  • SteveVaccaro

    I’ll have to start proofreading my tweets if they’re this newsworthy! And for the record: last night’s CB8 Transportation Committee vote was important, but we will really need people to turn out for the full board vote later this month.

  • The only thing weirder than the Mister Softee jingle with lyrics is The Odd Couple theme with lyrics.