Tuesday’s Headlines: Steve Cuozzo Has Gone Too Far This Time Edition

Welcome back to the grind! First off, we start our second week of State Senate primary coverage with a Brooklyn-Staten Island battle pitting Jasmine Robinson vs. Diane Savino. Savino was a member of the much-hated Independent Democratic Conference, which gave the Republicans control of the Senate…yet StreetsPAC declined to endorse Robinson. Kinda tells you something, right? So will her answers to our questionnaire.

In any event, all of our prior coverage is archived here, so if you missed our stories last week, this is a good time to bone up before the Thursday, Sept. 13 primary.

Now, the news:

  • The Post and the Daily News also reported that a cyclist who was run down by mob of assailants on all-terrain vehicles last week died over the weekend. Died, Steve. Died. (NYP, NYDN)
  • And the Post even showed how bad driving could kill a beloved police dog, too. (NYP)
  • The 7 train was delayed on Sunday because of a cormorant — not that the NYPD could properly identify it. (NYP)
  • The Times offered a green-cab-driver’s eye view of the Uber and Lyft explosion.
  • It was a rough holiday weekend for New Jersey Transit, but the future looks good for Amtrak users at Penn Station starting today. (NYT). Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal offers one reason why NJT service is so bad (insert fake cough here).
  • People really should not beat up bus drivers, amNY reminds us.
  • Legal heavyweight Stephen L. Carter gets a parking ticket and realizes what I just pointed out last week on Streetsblog: The parking is too damn low! (Bloomberg)
  • Oh, and in case you missed it, the Village Voice is really dead this time. (Gothamist)
  • And another ICYMI: The mayor lied on Friday’s WNYC radio show, saying, “the NYPD is intensely committed to Vision Zero, both in terms of enforcement and investigation,” which we all know isn’t true. Well, maybe the mayor is just preparing his sketch for the Inner Circle comedy show because that line always kills!

Stay cool, today, New York! Or read our national headlines here.

  • Joe R.

    Since so many drivers are staring at their phones while driving, they’re evidently not all that connected to or interested in the driving process. Therefore, I don’t want to hear it from them about how much they love driving when autonomous cars make human driving on public roads illegal. Usually you’re good at something you love doing. The average competency level of most drivers suggest they consider driving a chore at best.

    As for Steve Cuozzo’s article, this was my favorite: Assurances that biking reduces noise, congestion and pollution mean zilch when a helmeted macho man bears down on you at 30 mph.

    Fact check, Steve. The typical Tour de France average speed is in the 25 mph area. These are top pros riding in a peloton, which makes you a few mph faster. Riding 30 mph is something most riders can only do in short bursts (or with downgrades or tailwinds). It’s certainly not the default speed of your so-called “helmeted macho men”. NYC needs to stop coddling motorists, not cyclists. We can start by no longer allowing free overnight storage of people’s private property on public streets.

  • Maggie

    Life Pro Tip for Steve Bozo: you don’t use language like this and then query why women think it’s not worth a minute of their time to justify their existence to condescending middle-aged men like you. You just don’t. Stop sealioning.


    I get why NY Post editors want to marginalize the city’s interest in safe cycling. I imagine they think marginalizing racial and gender angles could play well with a readership of retired types in Florida (which is a damn shame in itself). But it ignores two crucial things. 1) young white men aren’t actually protected by some magical force field. Guess what. Their blood spills too. That’s why much of Families for Safe Streets is composed of bereaved moms, who the author decided to mock. They also need safe corridors to bike on. 2) the person who is most unfortunately and obscenely coddled in this scenario is the columnist himself. Lives and our climate are at stake. As much as his editors choose to coddle him, we simply don’t have time to endlessly indulge this whataboutist nonsense, year after year.

  • AMH

    The Post did correct their online headline to “Half of city drivers…”

  • TLDR