Today’s Headlines

  • CBC Sounds Alarm Over Unsustainable MTA Finances (Crain’s)
  • 130K Drivers Have Gotten by With Speeding Past Schools Since July 25 (NY1NewsPost)
  • Queens Motorist Runs Over 11-Year-Old on Bike and Keeps Driving (NewsPost)
  • If Only de Blasio Was in a Position to Compel NYPD to Enforce Traffic Laws … (News)
  • New Yorker to NYC: Stop Blaming Victims for Driver Recklessness (News)
  • London: Driver Deliberately Runs Over People Walking and Biking Near Parliament (NYT)
  • City Hall Says New Times Square Bollards Will Be Installed by Year’s End (Post)
  • Freeze on Uber Licenses Sparks Wave of Registrations (NYT, NY1)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Heriberta Ramirez Still on the Loose (Advance)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Gothamist)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Just think about all the MTA revenues added over the years. The payroll tax. The 1/8 cent sales tax. The emergency funds. We’ll be paying and paying and paying — for nothing for decades as things go to hell. And it isn’t just the MTA. It’s all mass transit. In fact, it’s all public services.

    Are they celebrating yet? Are they laughing? Have they retired, so they no longer need mass transit (if they every used it to begin with), or moved to Florida?

    Remember, “money is fungible.” We can talk about more money for transit all we want. But Generation Greed wants more money for retirement benefits, followed by more public money for custodial care of seniors.

    Remember back when I was talking about the MTA debt and public employee pensions, and people thought it was a joke? Well in 10 years, the soaring cost of custodial care of seniors who somehow don’t have families as a result of the “freedom from responsibility” family breakdown of the 1970s will make it seem like a joke.

    Ah, but let’s not talk about that now. Let’s not even talk about the MTA debt bomb and the 2008 retroactive pension increase for NYC teachers now.
    That MTA debt isn’t $41 billion. The metro area union construction pension funds are $12 billion in the hole, and unions and real estate industry want the MTA to pay for it in inflated bids. That’s where the money is going, but nobody will talk about it. It’s an open secret. They retroactively increased benefits and underfunded the plans in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and hid and deferred the costs until now. Just like in the public sector.

    It’s about values. This is not a technical problem that requires “creative solutions.” Deferring costs to and advancing revenues from future generations HAS BEEN the creative solutions.

  • Tooscrapps

    Has anyone done the @howsmydrivingNY look-up for the livery driver involved in Ms. Leyden’s death? Sorry, don’t have Twitter.

    NY T681783C (

  • HamTech87

    That child getting struck by the driver in Far Rockaway, Queens, is really scary. That street is one of those neighborhood streets where some say bike infra is not needed. But with drivers increasingly distracted, and that’s my guess for this crash, keeping kids on bikes with motorists in the same space just seems dangerous.

  • NYCyclist

    #NY_T681783C has been queried 10 times.

    Total parking and camera violation tickets: 5
    2 | No Parking – Street Cleaning
    1 | Bus Lane Violation
    1 | Improper Display Of Registration
    1 | No Standing – Except Truck Loading/Unloading

    Violations by year for #NY_T681783C:

    1 | 2015
    2 | 2016
    1 | 2017
    1 | 2018

    Violations by borough for #NY_T681783C:

    4 | Manhattan
    1 | Bronx

  • J. Geoff Rove

    Wow, over 250 words, the Mercer/Koch check is in the mail !

  • kevd

    larry is incapable of distinguishing between this on-line platform and his own blog. also, he seems to believe the endlessly repeating the same point here somehow makes people visit that blog. so it’s confusing.
    bless his heart.