Eyes on the Street: Day Seven Without Speed Cameras


This was the scene yesterday afternoon on West 88th Street, around the corner from PS 166 and the Dwight and Trevor Day School, where the driver of this Mazda amassed enough speed to flip it on its side.

Will Schneider, who took this photo, says the driver told witnesses “he took a swipe at a spider and next thing he knew he was upside down…”

Through sheer luck, no one was hurt. No one was biking next to this driver on 89th Street and at the moment he lost control. No kids were crossing the street.

We can’t say with certainty whether this exact crash would have occurred if New York City’s school zone speed cameras were still turned on. But there’s no doubt that the speed cameras — which expired last week thanks to the inaction of Governor Cuomo and state senators John Flanagan, Marty Golden, and Simcha Felder — kept this behavior in check.

Until the State Senate votes to turn the cameras back on, more drivers will speed more often, putting us all at more risk.

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    Just a clarification: the Dwight School and Trevor Day School are two different schools. The Stephen Gaynor School is also close on 90th. 89th also has Ballet Hispanico, a large ballet school for kids of all ages.

  • William Lawson

    “took a swipe at a spider” – the sad thing being that this is literally all you need to tell the NYPD. If he’d been driving on drugs and had blacked out and crashed, cops would be none the wiser. Just roll out the spider and you’re good.

  • JT

    The whole neighborhood is filled with kids during the school year. Even now with camps there are a lot. And this guy is blasting down a side street.

  • AMH

    This is terrifying. I’ve seen drivers doing 40-60mph down streets just like this (occasionally at night with no lights) and yet people have the nerve to criticize cyclists who seek safety on the sidewalk.