Today’s Headlines

  • One Year After Cuomo Declared Subway Emergency, Few Signs of Progress (NYT)
  • Byford’s Short-Term Plan: Identify and Remove Unnecessary Signal Timers (News)
  • Cuomo’s Color Scheme Whims for Car Tunnels Cost the MTA $20-$30 Million (Post)
  • Teflon Andrew? (Politico)
  • Administrative Law Judge Rules That Uber Drivers Are, in Fact, Employed By Uber (News)
  • Ofo Pulls Out of Bronx Bike-Share Pilot (Crain’s)
  • With Amtrak Repairs Complete, LIRR Resumes Full Service to Penn (AMNY)
  • EDC Interrupted Ferry Service to Greenpoint Thursday for Unplanned Pier Maintenance (Post)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Three People, Including 6-Year-Old Child, in Borough Park (NY1)
  • Off-Duty NYPD Lieutenant Busted for Driving Drunk (News)
  • Didn’t Take Long for NYPD to Figure Out a Cyclist Entrapment Scheme at Domino Park (Gothamist)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Actually, while riding the subway was hell from 2014 to 2016, I’ve found it hasn’t been that bad so far this year.

    Perhaps Cuomo told his backers that they’d better do their jobs until after the election.

    When thanks to the 14th Street tunnel shutdown it’s going to be hell no matter what.

  • Flavanation

    There are some annoying timers on the G train between Greenpoint Avenue and 21st Street. Especially southbound, the G train crawls into the Greenpoint Avenue. Would be nice if they fixed these before the L train shutdown next April, since so many people will be diverting to the G.

  • redbike

    CityViews: NYC Ought to be Fighting for More Than Just 140 Speed Cameras
    By Ben Kallos

    (City Limits)

  • r

    A promising editorial undermined by some very bad arguments.

    “Traffic cameras can enforce red lights, speeding, illegal turns, bus lanes, and even bike lanes.”

    Why do these guys feel the need to throw in the bike stuff? Literally no one has said that cameras are unfair because they don’t target cyclists, so why introduce this idea. Just dumb.

    “Cameras cost $67,000 to $80,000 per intersection to install, but they actually pay for themselves with the city having earned $251.8 million net revenue.”

    And wouldn’t you know it, the first comment under the article is about how cameras are a revenue scam. One would think Kallos would have been smart enough to explain how revenue goes down over time as the cameras do their jobs and people get the message!

  • redbike

    Not disagreeing with you, but I welcome allies when I find ’em, particularly when they’re electeds. The points you raise are valid, but the bottom line is: Councilmember Kallos supports more speed and red light camera enforcement. Good!

  • qrt145

    Maybe he meant enforcing against motorists driving/stopping on bike lanes?

  • Joe R.

    It wouldn’t even be possible to target cyclists given that they have no license plates. I think Kallos means cars in bike lanes.

  • kevd

    I think it means enforcement against cars BLOCKING bike lanes…

  • djx

    The subways were horrendous this spring. I think they’re a bit better at now, but that might just be due to lower usage with kids on vacation from school.

  • AMH

    I watched the MTA board meeting on youtube with interest, hoping to hear something about removing signal timers. Librera mentioned training operators to take timers faster, without actually removing them, and Byford did not jump in to correct her. Very disappointing.