Today’s Headlines

  • Senate GOP Speed Cam Strategy: Insult People Who Lost Everything to Dangerous Driving (News)
  • Deborah Glick Talks With WNYC About Speed Cam Obstruction
  • Watchdogs Want Reforms to Prohibit MTA CEO Moonlighting (Politico)
  • With 7 Train Backdrop, Nixon Hammers Cuomo for MTA Neglect (News)
  • De Blasio Won’t Let Judge Derail His Big Oil Suit Stunt (NYT)
  • Now That He Has Cover From the Mayor Van Bramer Is All About a Safer 43rd/Skillman (QTrib)
  • Citi Bike Does Not Reach Neighborhoods Where Many SNAP Recipients Live (Politico)
  • New York’s Headphone Laws Codify Traffic Violence Victim-Blaming (NYT)
  • Truck Driver Severely Injures Man Walking on Amsterdam Avenue; NYPD, Rag Smear Victim
  • Health and Safety Concerns a Footnote as Fresh Direct Opens Mott Haven Depot (Bx Times)
  • Motorcycle Fatalities in East Harlem (Post) and Laurelton (QChron)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “She (Nixon) also railed against the state’s pickpocketing of transit money, referencing a Daily News exclusive about the agency giving $5 million to bail out a struggling ski resort.”

    That’s $5 million out of how many $billion? The bulk of the diversion from transit was to the schools, to reduce the extent of layoffs during the recession — even as total spending rose, due to the 1995, 2000, and 2008 teacher pension increases and the early retirement “incentives” of the years in between.

    I don’t recall Nixon complaining about that. I believe she was demanding even more funding for schools (or, as I guess she didn’t know, pension increases) relative to other things.

    Back in the past, when it might have made a difference, the future had no friends. Which bothers me now that it is the future, and suddenly everyone pretends to care about it.

    Although I find Nixon less annoying than Cuomo’s commercials asserting that the campaign for Governor is exclusively about Trump and abortion. Flog tribalism while engaging in an economic and fiscal gang rape of those to follow — the Generation Greed m.o. I flip on the news in the morning, and I have to keep changing the channel to get away from that BS.

  • Fool

    Nixon clearly have up on any kind of Democratic reform. Just populism based money burning.

  • William Lawson

    “Truck Driver Severely Injures Man Walking on Amsterdam Avenue; NYPD, Rag Smear Victim” – the comments under that article are predictably ignorant. Not one person seems aware of the fact that the driver of that 53′ rig was breaking the law by so much as driving through NYC. All you hear is “driver wasn’t to blame, ped was drunk, peds always walk in front of my car on their phones” etc. I’m getting to the age where I just want all these stupid people rounded up and fenced off somewhere they can’t do any harm.

  • Larry Littlefield

    And what will our third choice be — the Republican? New York’s unique brand. “Small government” down there to pay for everyone with connections on the public payroll up there. Note they made a point to not talk about all these deals down here.

    Streetsblog/Transalt operate on the assumption that they can actually push these pols to do the right thing. It works for bicycles — because they are so cheap to accommodate. Harder if real money is involved, given our existing high tax burden, powerful special interests, and costs from the past. The work around was to spend future money before anyone else had a chance to grab it, but the city/state/MTA seem to have gone up to the limit on that one too.