Counting Bikes at the Manhattan Bridge With DOT’s New Totem (and Streetfilms)


Earlier this month, NYC DOT installed the city’s first bike counter at Forsyth Plaza by the foot of the Manhattan Bridge bike path. Ride by this totem at the end of the day, and you’ll see the tally of thousands of other people who also passed through on a bicycle since midnight.

New Yorkers make an estimated 460,000 bike trips on a typical day, but bikes are small enough that you can blink and miss a pulse of bike traffic. The bike counter makes the volume of cycling tangible to people in a new way.

Clarence Eckerson went out to celebrate the totem with Bahij Chancey, who demonstrated the potential for a bike counter with a bravura volunteer effort two years ago, and other bike tabulating enthusiasts. Where would you like to see a bike counter along your route?

  • AstoriaBlowin

    One at the foot of the Queensboro would I hope help dispel the misinformation that no one is cycling in Queens and so you don’t need bike lane. Same for Queens Boulevard.

  • Putin’s Bicycle Chart

    I agree we need some smack dab in the middle of midtown. If DOT is already doing screencounts on bridges, might as well display other ridership. I think NYC DOT is doing a good enough job estimating ridership but I think it’s way higher than they or Census reports. The bridges have good commuter numbers but only during rush hours.

    But go to Midtown or Union Square or West Village and it’s just constant numbers of cyclists from morning they midnight.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The Prospect Park West bike path, of course. Put the counter in front of Chuck’s apartment. It might get his wife off his back.

  • Samuelitooooo

    Park Row, deliberately by City Hall.

  • brian43ny

    Queens boro bridge. The parking spot people need to see how many are riding.

  • Max

    – WillyB Bridge (Brooklyn side)
    – Queens Blvd & Skillman Ave
    – Bklyn Bridge (Brooklyn side)
    – Hudson River Greenway & 110 St
    – 2 Ave & Houston St
    – Jay St & Willoughby St
    – Vanderbilt Av & Myrtle Av
    – Kent Av & N7 St
    – Skillman Ave & 50 St [of course]

    I guess I’ll stop there for now.

  • Two Wheels Good

    Queensboro Bridge (bonus if measured at 1st and 60th capturing cyclists going past the bridge as well as over it).

    Central Park westside inside southbound “Three Sisters” most stravaed segment.

    Hudson Greenway by Stuyvesant School

    2nd ave north of Houston.

    If the sensors are really good and cast a wide net, all cyclists through Union Square.

  • Daphna

    Why is there a dot after the 3 in the number in the picture? Why are at least 7 of the LEDs out already on a brand new sign??

  • strangemonkey

    I heard about this a few weeks ago but somehow never see it on my descent into Manhattan, is it still there? Maybe I’m going too fast or not paying attention to it, focusing on the road of course!


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