Today’s Headlines

  • Dirtbag-in-Chief Ready to Cripple the NEC Because Schumer Wouldn’t Enable His Bigotry (Politico)
  • Think the Buffalo Billion Scandal and Cuomo’s AirTrain Might Have Something in Common? (NYT)
  • More on Rally to Get Marty Golden to Act on Speed Cams (GothamistNews, AMNY); And: BK Paper
  • Mark Gjonaj Briefs Errol Louis on Plot to Torpedo Waste Carting Reforms (NY1); Related: KCP
  • Brooklyn Man Shot on Father’s Day Was Murdered Over Months-Old Parking Dispute (News)
  • Too Many People Are Driving to City Island (Bx Times)
  • DOT Previews New Shore Road Bridge Design for the Kooks at Bronx CB 10 (Bx Times)
  • Brooklyn Paper Covers City’s L Shutdown Bike-Share Plans
  • Distracted Driving Is So Common Media Don’t Even See It Anymore (NYTNY1, AMNY)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Advance)

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  • Daphna

    New York City needs to take back autonomy from New York State. I do not know full details but understand that in the past NYC had more autonomy and might have been able to pass congestion pricing and implement speed cameras and red light cameras without NY State permission. But in the 1970’s, the city needed financial aide from the state and gave up some autonomy in return for financial assistance. However, in the decades since, NYC is consistently a huge net tax donor to the state. NYC gets back in value/services about 75 cents for every dollar paid in taxes, while upstate residents get back about $1.35 for every dollar they pay in taxes. I would think this would give NYC some clout to be able to renegotiate the autonomy the city gave up previously.
    It is enormously frustrating when the majority of local elected officials support traffic measures that are urgently needed in NYC, but NYC has to beg upstate elected officials to approve plans that the city needs. The city is the economic engine of the state. NY State should be grateful that NYC is a net donor to the rest of the state and ideally NY State politicians should enable NYC to run well and pass measures the city needs to keep the city vibrant, safe, functional, etc.

  • Joe R.

    Ideally NYC should secede from both NYS and the US, becoming a city-state along the lines of Singapore. By doing so workers here wouldn’t have federal tax, Social Security tax, or state tax taken from their paychecks. NYC tax would probably need to be higher to cover the missing federal/state aid, but on balance overall taxes would be less because NYC is a net donor at the federal/state level.

    The lower taxes would also make NYC even more attractive to business.

  • ohnonononono

    US cities can’t just vote to secede from the country. The last time a bunch of states did it, there was a war I think.

  • Joe R.

    NYC businesses could refuse to remit federal and state taxes en masse. Not sure what options the US government has to counter that. They’re certainly not going to send in tanks. Even if they did, do you really think soldiers will obey orders to kill fellow Americans? Once they’re no longer collecting taxes from NYC, the state and federal governments will want to get rid of it ASAP so they have no obligations to it, either.

    Exactly how did Singapore become a city-state? And why can’t NYC follow the same path? I’m not seeing how NYC benefits from being a part of either NYS or the US. It seems like a one-sided relationship where we’re paying out way more than we’re getting back. Without NYC and some other donor states like CA the red welfare states will wither and die.

    The last time a bunch of states did it, there was a war I think?

    I personally think we should have just let the South secede. Once the economics played out, the South would have eventually collapsed on its own.

  • Jesse

    There are a lot of things NYC could do without Albany’s permission that would make a difference and city pols don’t seem to have any interest in pursuing those policies either. For example: market-rate parking everywhere; remove all parking minimums; reclaiming lanes from cars on a massive scale; enormous car-free zones (see, e.g., “red zones”.

  • Daphna

    Those are good ideas! Free and underpriced curbside parking, massive parking placard abuse, and the assumption by many government employees that they are entitled to park illegally with impunity are policies and tolerated behaviors that are harmful to the public good.

  • redbike

    New York City needs to take back autonomy from New York State.

    That boat sailed last November. Did you vote “yes” for the ConCon? Next opportunity: November 2037.

  • Fool

    Hey, had to make sure the civil servant unions were are zero risk of productivity reform.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Hey Daphna — two words, Bill DeBlasio. Ain’t so great here either.

    I’d be happy if we could just replace the state legislators from New York City with state legislators who represent New York City.