Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Official — NYC Budget Includes Half-Price MetroCards for Poor New Yorkers (NYT, AMNY)
  • How Does Andy Byford Plan to Speed Up the Resignaling of the Subway? (NYT)
  • If Albany Doesn’t Act on Speed Cams, They’re Putting Older New Yorkers at Risk (Eagle)
  • These Are the NYC Streets With the Worst Speeding Problem, According to Dash (Post)
  • Daily News: Time’s Up for Private Trash Haulers Dodging Safety Rules With Their Fake Unions
  • Manhattan DMV Employees Caught Taking Bribes to Fix Tickets (News)
  • Today’s City Council Agenda Includes Placard Oversight Bills (Bowery Boogie)
  • Bklyner Has the Plans for Safer Intersections in the North Brooklyn Transportation Study
  • MTA Rehabbing Staten Island Railway’s 150-Year-Old Richmond Valley Station (Advance)
  • A Tale of Two City Employees Who Drive to the Gym (NewsPost)
  • Larry Littlefield

    If the City of New York doesn’t continue to fund this going forward, and demands that it be made up by someone else somehow, then anyone celebrating to today is either yet another beneficiary of the destruction of the future, or another foolish victim.

    I’ll say it again — the MTA should demand full funding of half-priced rises for seniors and the handicapped, and free rides for NYC children. Along with the immediate, cash repayment for the two decades when it was not fully reimbursed for those free rides.

  • Komanoff

    So are you FOR or AGAINST Fair Fares, Larry? Which is it?

    If for, you could at least say so, perhaps congratulate Riders Alliance and Community Service Society on their brilliant, hard-fought, *successful* campaign, and *then* launch into your budget jeremiad.

    If against, then I have no words.

  • 8FH

    If anyone’s interested, here’s the original source for the speeding study. It has some really nice take-homes.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’ve learned to be cranky about politicians giving us things, because down the road they end up taking double.

    The compromise was the fund if for six months — and then demand that someone else pay for it thereafter. Let’s see what happens — in the next year and in the next recession — before we celebrate. Nothing has been “won” until the loser is correctly identified.

  • AMH

    I’ve biked on 158 St, and it’s terrifying to be laboring uphill while oncoming cars barrel straight at you. There needs to be physical protection yesterday, something strong enough to take the wheels off a wayward vehicle.

  • Komanoff

    I think your reading is wrong, that deB said NYS should pay for Fair Fares beyond the initial six months and $106M. Not so.

    Per the NYT: “The budget announced includes $106 million for the Fair Fares program. That is expected to be enough to pay for the subsidy for six months, with further financing to come in future budgets.” That’s future *city* budgets, I believe. The discussion elsewhere in the article about state funding is for MTA fixes, not Fair Fares.

    And to your “cranky” point: It’s gotten tiresome, Larry. Must you trot out Generation Greed, etc. in response to each and every story? We get it. We’ve learned from it. Take it down a notch or two? Thanks.