Today’s Headlines

  • What State Lawmakers Do While Not Protecting People From Speeding Drivers (AMNYNY1)
  • Felder Still Insisting School Speed Cameras Come With Guns (Politico)
  • Jim Brennan, Basically: Straphangers Have No Idea How Bad Albany Has Screwed Them (GG)
  • Lhota to MTA Board on Conflicts of Interest: Trust Me (WSJ — Paywall)
  • Johnson Holding Out for Fair Fares in City Budget Deal (Politico)
  • MTA Program Discounts LIRR Fares for Intracity Rides (NY1)
  • Limiting Fare Aid to CUNY Students Would Leave Out an Awful Lot of People (City Limits)
  • Todd W. Schneider Used Countdown Clock Data to Quantify Subway Wait Times
  • Will the Human-Protected Bike Lane Shame the City to Act on 43rd/Skillman? (AMNY)
  • Driver Runs Over Child on a Bike Outside Bay Ridge School; NYPD Blames Child (BK Reporter)
  • Nine Months in Jail for Motorist Who Hit Cop in Midtown (NY1)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Again, the question is how much worse off, and in what ways, current and future working New Yorkers will be to pay for what Brenna’s generation did in its own interest, with Brennan voting in favor, over and over and over again.
    In favor of long term debts for short term spending. In favor of retroactive pension increases for those cashing in and moving out, and wage and benefit cuts for new hires. He did it. They all did it. And NOT just with regard to the MTA, not just at the state level, not just in the government.
    Parents don’t know how much the state legislature has screwed them either. New Yorkers are being sued by a group affiliated with the teachers’ union for $billions more in funding. DeBlasio agrees those who work in the schools have been “cheated out of $billions.” So does Nixon. Cuomo believes the existing increase of $billions the schools already received, and the lack of state funding for the MTA, should be preserved.
    In FY 2016, according to data recently released by the Census Bureau, NYC instructional (ie. teacher) pay and benefits equaled more than $16,000 per student. Which is $322,000 per 20 students, or nearly $200,000 per 12 students. It increased 10 percent in just one year, the latest in a long line of increases. And that’s with the pension continuing to be underfunded — not even including future pension increases.
    Meanwhile, the Medicare trust fund is scheduled to run out of money in the year I turn 65.

  • Tooscrapps

    $500 fine for hitting the cop?

    They should be required to destroy the weapon.

  • Elizabeth F

    > Felder Still Insisting School Speed Cameras Come With Guns

    Does this mean the speed cameras will shoot bullets at speeding cars?

  • 8FH

    I commute on 4th ave, and I believe the driver that he didn’t see the kid he hit. I think there are two major issues that make these things more likely to happen, and which are compounded by kids’ inexperience:

    People majorly speed. The speed limit is 25, but people regularly go 40 to 45 mph. Not only does this make collisions worse, but also makes seeing people entering the street more difficult. The speeding isn’t as bad in Bay Ridge, as elsewhere, but people go way too fast.

    People park inappropriately. They park in daylighting zones, they double park, and they (especially around dealerships) park on the sidewalk. This makes it immensely harder for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists, and for cyclists to see cars.

    People need to be better, and they need to be held responsible when they’re not.

  • Joe R.

    My personal preference would be to equip them with grenade launchers but guns is a good start.

  • ohnonononono

    Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t think people will just “be better,” and I don’t trust NYPD to enforce traffic laws. We need to redesign our streets to encourage better behavior instead of relying on the wisdom of humans who make mistakes and enforcement by police who see no moral incentive to correct them.