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  • Guest

    The Postal Police require park vehicles to be illegally near the branch instead of slightly farther away in legal parking spaces? That doesn’t pass a basic sniff test…

  • Guest

    Order words, so good not…

  • Komanoff

    Quite a crowd at Manhattanenge (last item). Too bad they didn’t bring demand their right to occupy the street and bring things to a boil, a la Berkeley ’64, when thousands surrounded the campus-police car with detained civil rights organizer Jack Weinberg inside and initiated the spontaneous teach-in w/ Mario Savio et al. that ignited the Free Speech Movement.

  • Knut Torkelson

    Can’t read the Crain’s article but Citi Bike integration has been in Citymapper for some time now and it’s incredible. Works great for Citi Bike only trips, but there’s also a “Citymapper Labs” feature that integrates Uber or Citibike with a subway or bus commute to make it faster- wish there was a dedicated Citi Bike + transit only feature.

  • New Yorkers should tell the NYPD that they’ll stop standing in the street when the cops stop parking on the sidewalk.

  • HamTech87

    Yonkers LimeBike is going great. What’s so exciting is that the bikes are showing up far outside of Getty Square (downtown) too. The bikes are at the subway termini in the Bronx, and at eastern points like the Big Box arterial Central Avenue. And getting from Getty Square to Central Avenue requires cycling over a pretty steep ridge, so really encouraging.

    Sure there were a few bikes thrown in water in the first week, but that happens with all things. (Just check out Saw Mill and Bronx Rivers in both poor and affluent parts of Westchester County for all sorts of large debris like toilets, truck tires, skate boards, etc.)

  • Joseph Cutrufo

    LOL @ “Sure there were a few bikes thrown in water.”

  • Dr. Bones

    I am curious….is it just me or is there anyone else here who had all citibike stations disappear from the citibike app? Open up the app, and all I see is my location on the map, and no stations anywere. This happened for me 2 or 3 weeks ago, and still no stations showing up on the app as of 5 minutes ago. I started using the Citymapper app instead. Admittedly Citymapper has more functionality.

  • ddartley

    Speed cams in school zones: Bring kids to next week’s rally outside Cuomo’s office to demand more of them. Public schools aren’t in session that day. Also please tell other families and school communities.

    also see (you don’t need to “Get Tickets”).

  • Knut Torkelson

    Definitely just you- try installing and reinstalling the app

  • Larry Littlefield

    As a native, I’d call Yonkers electric assist bike territory, based on those hills. But they can’t be shared if they are going to be thrown in the water.

    An unassisted race up Elm Street from Getty Square to the water tower at the top of Nodine Hill would be interesting. Only the strong would make it to the top.

  • Dr. Bones

    Tried that several times and gave up…..

  • kevd

    Fake Anthony Michael Hall has some very serious crime to investigate.
    They definitely need to practice Combat Parking.

  • Vooch

    Today – state security would bring up machine guns and fire until the barrels melted.

    why do you think state security now wears black costumes ?

    They used to wear blue.

  • Brad Aaron

    Really wish I had come up with that.

  • Joe R.

    Exactly. I remember when the Tiananmen Square massacre happened it was universally condemned by everyone in power in the US and most other places. Now it’s not much of a stretch to imagine today’s militarized police forces dealing with mass protests in exactly the same way. How the world has changed.

  • HamTech87

    fwiw, I saw bikes thrown in the water in Copenhagen too.

  • HamTech87

    Agreed. Waiting patiently for e-bikeshare. I think all of Westchester is waiting for it. So hard to go east-west.

  • HamTech87

    Update: today there were 3 LimeBikes in Dobbs Ferry, near the Old Croton Aqueduct Trailway, the South County Trailway, and at the MetroNorth station. The program hasn’t been going for more than two weeks and it is already spreading.

  • Och

    I hope the city gets sued for not enforcing no bicycles on the Boardwalk rule.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I took a friend on a little tour, up the old Putnam Division and down the Old Croton Aqueduct. We had to get between the two.

    Up in North Yonkers, they closed Odell Avenue when the built Executive Boulevard. It was blocked with fencing we couldn’t get around. They should re-open it to pedestrians and bicycles.