Driver Careens Into Bed-Stuy Restaurant, Injuring Two People and Himself

Photo: lugepravda/Twitter
Photo: lugepravda/Twitter

The driver of a Dodge Challenger sped onto the sidewalk and through the window of the Civil Service Cafe in Bed-Stuy this morning, injuring two bystanders and himself.

Police said the driver was sideswiped by another motorist and filed no charges. But a witness told Eater New York there was no second driver.

The Challenger driver, a 24-year-old man, was traveling south on Nostrand Avenue by Clifton Place. According to an NYPD spokesperson, the Challenger was sideswiped by a second driver in a black sedan who then fled the scene.

The Challenger careened off the street and through the storefront, injuring two people who had to be hospitalized. The driver was also injured. All three are expected to survive, police said. NYPD did not identify the driver or victims.

Immediately following the collision, the driver was overheard claiming he had been struck by another motorist, according to Fox News. But Eater New York quoted one witness who said there was no second vehicle involved.

The witness, Mohammed Nagi, said the driver was speeding just before the collision. “He was saying another car hit him, but no car hit him at all,” Nagi told Eater.

The collision occurred within the boundaries of NYPD’s 79th Precinct and in the City Council district represented by Robert Cornegy.

  • Joe R.

    If we had the common sense to line streets with bollards, the car would be totaled and the driver would likely be dead or seriously injured (thus unable to harm anyone in the near future, perhaps forever).

  • William Lawson

    You can just imagine the relief among attending NYPD officers when the guy claimed he was sideswiped. For one horrible minute they actually thought they were going to have to get their shit together and charge a motorist with a crime. But since the NYPD has a blank check to let any kind of psycho in a car off scot free as long as he can string a few words together, the magic words “a car hit me!” are like music to their ears.

  • That seems a bit extreme. That said, I think this speaks to why we should have wider sidewalks.

    As someone who lives just a couple doors down from where this happened, I wish we had more sidewalk space with real trees. That would not only make the street more pleasant, but safer as well.

  • Joe R.

    You have two alternatives here. Provide no protection or porous protection (i.e. trees), or provide failsafe barriers. It’s not at all extreme to create a built environment where errant motorists bear 100% of the consequences. The alternative is to continue to allow these errant drivers to hit innocent people. Anytime a driver runs off the road I want them to hit a solid barrier which stops them before they can do any damage. “Forgiving” roads are fine in the middle of nowhere where all you’ll do is ruin grass if you run off the road.

    Unfortunately, this happens often enough that the city needs to take action. Bollards also provide a nice secondary function. You can use them to keep vehicles from parking on the sidewalk, or in other places where they’re not allowed to park. That alone makes them worthwhile.

  • Albert

    Trees? Hmm. A bit extreme for an urban environment, no?

    Real trees! Imagine!

  • Joe R.
  • AMH

    At least she was arrested! Had she remained at the scene, she might have gotten off however.


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