Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Chair Lhota Justifies Conflicts of Interest By Claiming He’s Not Actually an MTA Official (NYT)
  • Previewing Andy Byford’s Upcoming Transit Overhaul Plan (Patch, News)
  • NYC Transit Adding Service on A, D, E, F, and Seven Queens Bus Routes (AMNY, WNYCQNS)
  • Phil Murphy Moves to Revive Two-Headed Port Authority Executive Structure (Politico)
  • MTA Expected to Slash Fares for LIRR Trips Between Atlantic Terminal and Brooklyn and Queens (AMNY)
  • Also Coming to LIRR: New Switches, Cleaner Trains and Platforms (Post)
  • Two Off-Duty NYPD Cops Die in Speeding One-Car Crash in Ulster County (News, Post)
  • As Part of BQE Rehab, DOT May Stitch Van Voorhees Park Back Together (Bklyner)
  • Daneek Miller Wants to Extend TLC Regulation to Cover Large Commuter Vans (TL)
  • Tales of the Placard Class (Post)

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  • kevd

    The southbound BQE entrance at Van Voorhees park is one of the most frightening I’ve ever used. I’m shocked there isn’t a crash there every hour.

  • Larry Littlefield

    FYI, Gold: one reason the Democratic Party in New York is what it is is that people like this are in charge, and no one even knows they do. He isn’t a public official, as described, he is a Democratic Party official.

    Party officials are elected on primary day. Since we don’t have real elections on Election Day, these are the kingmakers of NY politics. At least back in the era of the Tammany Hall bosses, at least people knew who they were (Tweed, etc).

    FYI the son of one of my wife’s friends, a Yellow Dog Democrat from a political family, was all fired up about running against this guy in the name of “reform.” But then the local assemblymember retired, and Gold cut a deal to have the would-be reformer in effect appointed to replace him instead.

    I’m not with the bastards, or the other bastards, so this isn’t my fight. But if you are, in a country where most people can’t be bothered to pay attention to the politics of policy, if party members continue to ignore the politics of politics this is what we’ll get.

    And, by the way, don’t think for a minute those political contributions he’s spending come from people grateful for his service kicking in $5 or $10. One way or another, that money can be traced back to money involuntarily paid by taxpayers in lieu of public services.

  • Vooch

    From the Placard Class article/

    “…District leader Jacob Gold spent $132,432 between 2007 through 2017, according to the state Board of Elections, and more than $41,000 went for items that raised questions by at least one government watchdog.

    The list includes: $16,652 in monthly payments of $347 or $352 made to American Honda from January 2008 to January 2013; $2,876 on clothing; $536 at a Bensonhurst perfume retailer; more than $15,000 on meals and $102 for cigars.

    Gold’s district covers Park Slope, Ditmas Park and other nearby neighborhoods, but on Oct. 11, 2017, he ran up a bill of $320.84 at Catch NY in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District…”

    the article has a photo of this goomba – straight out of the Sopranos.

    Why do all these hoodlums look the same despite their different ethnic heritage ?

  • Vooch

    Might be a good opportunity to test my remove and restore preexitibg street grid idea

  • kevd

    good luck with that. not holding my breath.
    removing an entrance or exit though? that actually might happen in our lifetimes.

  • Larry Littlefield

    By the way, like term limits they’d never approve it, but were it up to me there would be a small fee to join a political party. Just enough to prove you were serious, say the equivalent of one hour’s work based on your annual income. With the right to substitute one hour actual work for the party — in a campaign for an insurgent not just the machine — if you are less well off.

    The money could be divided between the county, state and national committees — after some of it were used to send mail to all party members informing them when these bodies met, and inviting them to show up. Those required to pay in might be tempted to show up and see that they are paying for.

  • Vooch

    chin up

  • AMH

    A schmuck is a schmuck, no matter how tall.