Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Carlos Gavilanes, 47, on Northern Boulevard in East Elmhurst; No Charges (WPIX)
  • 12 Electeds Beseech de Blasio for 24/7 Bus Lanes During L Shutdown (News)
  • The Case for Fair Fares From a Working Mom Living in NYC’s Shelter System (News)
  • Four Years Into Vision Zero, NYPD Cyclist Harassment Continues Unabated (News)
  • DOT Will Unveil 9th Street Redesign in June (Bklyn Paper)
  • Northern Boulevard Intersection Where Driver Killed Giovanni Ampuero Gets an LPI (QChron)
  • DOT Won’t Turn on Transit Signal Priority for Woodhaven Blvd Until Late 2019 (QChron)
  • Q&A With TransitCenter About the Campaign for an Accessible Subway System (Vice)
  • Why B82 Riders Need Bus Lanes on Kings Highway (Bklyner)
  • Cuomo Deputies: Amtrak Jumping the Gun on Penn Station Concourse Redevelopment (Politico, AMNY)
  • Jeff Klein’s Taxpayer-Funded Taurus Signals Loss of Status in the Albany Placard Class (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So how much service or maintenance should the MTA cut to pay for fare fares?

    I bring this up because after year 1, and certainly during the first recession, NYC and NY State are likely to pay for “fair fares” the same way they pay for student transportation, half fares for seniors, half fares for the handicapped, and expensive para-transit.

    By having the MTA borrow until it can’t anymore, and then slash service and start allowing the system to fall apart. The city and state pols will cut the funding, driving their placarded vehicles to rallies to protest with the oppressed, and blast the MTA if they don’t continue to offer the discounts and make it up somehow.

    Moreover, since TWU workers are somehow entitled to get richer and richer relative to everyone else, arbitrators have ruled that pay as you go capital expenditures could be used for bigger raises, with the MTA borrowing instead. And the reserve for retiree health care could be raided for bigger raises, with the MTA borrowing instead.

    Who is to say that an arbitrator won’t rule that they aren’t entitled to get 1-3 percent better off relative to average workers by using this money for raises rather than fair fares?

    Bottom line, what can fair minded people believe after 25 years of self-dealing and deceit, with all the same sort of people in charge?

  • ortcutt

    Something fairly major has to be done about Northern Boulevard. It’s unacceptable that pedestrian deaths are almost a weekly occurrence. Drivers drive like they are on the Grand Central Parkway, but Northern Boulevard is a road in the middle of a neighborhood.

  • AMH

    May I suggest doing a story on the Hudson Greenway? Every morning there are about five enormous trucks blocking the path around 110-120 Sts. I believe this is connected to the installation of lighting on this section (which is great) but the complete lack of any consideration for all the people using the path is mind-boggling. It’s very dangerous; there are mere inches between the truck and the drop-off into the river. I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t fallen in because of this. It’s not like there’s even any warning. I’d love it if someone could ask: why don’t they use appropriate (smaller) equipment? Why not stage the vehicles on the adjacent roadway? Why not post warning signs at either end of the affected trail segment?

  • Albert

    Brava to Kjirsten Alexander for her excellent Daily News opinion piece, linked to above (Four Years Into Vision Zero, NYPD Cyclist Harassment Continues Unabated).