Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Hasn’t Ridden the Subway Since His 2016 Second Avenue Junket (Gothamist)
  • L Shutdown: More From Voice, Gothamist on Alarming J/M/Z News
  • DOT Not Excited About Bulking Up Grand Street Bike Lanes (BK Paper)
  • TransitCenter: “Fare Capping” Would Eliminate Many MetroCard Hassles (Crain’s)
  • Why Change the Henhouse Locks When the Fox Is the Locksmith (News)
  • Stellar WPIX Report on the Need for Automated Speed Enforcement
  • 2 Dead, Dozens Hurt in School Bus/Dump Truck Collision in Mount Olive, NJ (WNYCNYT)
  • Riverdale Sidewalk Crash That Could Easily Have Taken Life and Limb: All in Good Fun (Press)
  • Design Firm Proposes Car-Free Floating Bridge for Newtown Creek (6SqFt)
  • You’ll Have to Wait to Bike and Walk Across the New Goethals Bridge (NY1)
  • Someone in Rudy Giuliani’s SUV Doored a Pedicab Driver in Midtown (TPM)

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  • HamTech87

    Here’s another contest. Can’t believe these proposals don’t add bicycle infra on Park, or seem to reduce the number of car lanes.

  • AstoriaBlowin

    “The width of Grand Street is such that there’s not enough room for a parking-protected bike lane on both sides of the street,” said Eric Beaton, the agency’s deputy commissioner for transportation planning and management.

    Why is parking the only option considered for protecting a bike lane and not just putting in a row of jersey barriers? Is this because the DOT wants to leave the option for drivers to block the lane at random? Or a less nefarious narrow-mindedness about how to approach the problem? A jersey barrier is 24″ wide at the base, pretty sure you can fit that in the 7′ buffer they are proposing. I have no evidence for this but I would bet that if you strung jersey barriers the whole length of every “protected” bike lane you would have a flood of new cyclists in them. They enhance safety and make the bike lane LOOK safe, which is a big factor in people getting on a bike I think.

  • BrandonWC

    What DOT says is that they need to leave 11′ clearance from fixed obstructions for street cleaning. That’s the reason why some protected lanes in Manhattan have concrete islands and some just painted ones. The obvious solution for DSNY to get narrower sweeper (or the MTA could get some specifically for the L shutdown).

  • This street-cleaning excuse is the reason that the posts which formerly (and feebly) protected the bike lane on Borinquen Place were removed.,-73.955327,3a,75y,262.6h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCSK2DTbSHRngFjfFcXhJHw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e3?hl=en

    A couple of winters ago, there was ice in that bike line for several weeks after it had been cleaned away on the rest of the street. So this led to the decision to remove the posts.

    While the posts didn’t provide any real protection, the real solution is (as you mention) for the City to get snow-removal equipment that can deal with the typical width of a bike lane.

  • AnoNYC
  • Larry Littlefield

    “Under the proposed legislation, which will be introduced next week, the minimum fine for using a bogus or unauthorized placard would double from $250 to $500. Another bill would require the city to yank a real placard if it is used inappropriately three times in a year.”

    You mean if it’s used inappropriately dozens and dozens of times, and someone get caught more than twice in a year.

    How about yanking the placard of a year if it’s caught being used inappropriately once? The recipient would still be allowed to drive and park during that year. They’d just be doing so with no more rights to spaces than the serfs — with the prime beneficiaries OTHER placard holders.

    Follow the rule, or you end up like the losers for a whole year!

  • Arelsan

    That’s also assuming that the placard holders are ever ticketed in the first place when reported. I reported an SUV that had parked directly in a NO PARKING zone & partially in a crosswalk for over 2 days without moving through the 311 app. After another day and a half, the NYPD responded with “FEDERAL PARKING PLACARD ON THE DASHBOARD. NO ACTION NECESSARY”. This crackdown is a joke.