Today’s Headlines

  • Huge: DOT to Make Room for Biking on Harlem River Bridges and Surrounding Streets (NYT)
  • Mayor of New York City: Let’s Not Disrupt 14th Street With Buses 24/7 (News)
  • It’s Too Bad 14th Isn’t an Inlet, Canal, or Fjord (NYT, NewsPost)
  • Johnson: Ferry Funds Better Spent on Helping People Afford MetroCards (WNYC)
  • Driver Kills Olympia David-Ocvi, 85, on West End Ave. — NYPD Blames Victim (News, Rag)
  • This Sanitation Salvage Driver Has Killed 2 People in the Last 6 Months (News)
  • More on Arrest of Dorothy Bruns: NYT; Voice; BK Paper; News 1, 2
  • Father of Giovanni Ampuero Wants Traffic Calming on Northern Boulevard (SunPo)
  • Van Bramer Leads Protest Over Unending 7 Train Work (News, NY1); Related: Voice
  • City Says Sunnyside Yard Planning Will Begin Soon (CurbedQTrib, SunPo)
  • Parking Lots Near Yankee Stadium to Be Replaced by Housing + Parking (TRD)
  • NYT: NYC Bike Lanes Are for Tourists, Hipsters, and Criminals on E-Bikes

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  • AnoNYC

    “The plan is estimated to cost more than $90 million, which will be covered in part by funding for existing programs, city transportation officials said. The first bike lanes will be completed on the Broadway and 145th Street bridges by 2021”


    The Harlem River Bridges plan was mostly complete years ago. It’s going to take until 2021 to install the first bike lanes!? There are a few proposed that could take some time, but most of the reconfigurations shouldn’t take more than a week (e.g. the Willis Avenue parking protected bicycle lane).

    And what about the South Bronx Greenway phase 2 on Bruckner Blvd. The road to nowhere right now.

  • AstoriaBlowin

    Speaking of space on bridges, I’ve seen three crashes on the QB bridge this week in the evenings. Once someone goes down it makes the path super narrow, the thing to do is dismount and walk around of course but in one case someone was sprawled out on the downhill on the Manhattan side with a big crowd of people around her. A guy coming down the hill refused to slow down and hit her busted bike and went FLYING through the air, that was 100% his fault but being on the downhill did mean a more dangerous situation for everyone coming behind since there was a lot of unexpected breaking and swerving and people got backed up quickly in what is a tight space.

  • Jeff

    If you don’t mind me asking, why is the NY Times article “Huge”? Aren’t all of these plans still subject to Community Board obstruction? Isn’t this just them reporting on the plans we’ve been talking about for years?

  • mfs

    Go Night Boat, Go!

  • HamTech87

    Is there some way NYS-DMV can make MDs mandatory reporters of people who should not drive? I think this exists for pilots licenses run by the FAA.

  • JK

    Hats off to T.A. for its Harlem River Bridges campaign of some years back, which laid the ground work DOT’s $90 investment in Harlem bike/ped crossings. Now T.A. needs to put some consistent thought and energy into methodically engaging the Parks Dept and DOT about how bridges and greenways are connected to the street grid, and an actual plan for dealing with bike volumes on city crossings and paths. What is the plan over the next couple of years for accommodating the masses of cyclists on the QBB, Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson Greenway? Is there a blueprint for a high capacity bicycle network or is everything ad hoc on both the advocacy and City side? Where is this blueprint?
    Many, many comments across Streetsblog about how bad design decisions are routine on park paths, off-street paths hard to find or access from streets, and local networks not well connected.

  • Thanks to Nivardo Lopez the DOT’s plan for Broadway along Van Cortlandt is being implemented unchanged despite CB8’s best efforts to obstruct it (I can hear the bus islands being installed as I type) so I think this is all very encouraging.

  • carma

    Is that even legally possible for a mandate on MD’s to do that? I mean, its a great idea, but just trying to play devil’s advocate here

  • qrt145

    There are already things that MDs are mandated to report, such as suspected child abuse, so there are definitely limits to patient confidentiality. I don’t see why the same logic couldn’t be extended to inability to drive safely, but then again I’m not on the Supreme Court. 🙂

  • Joe R.

    The only downside I see is people might not go to a doctor if they have conditions which they know will force the doctor to report to the DMV. That said, the law could include making people who drive with a condition which impairs driving legally liable, regardless of whether or not they saw a doctor about the condition.

  • Simon Phearson

    As a year-round QB bridge user, the kind of behavior I see from the Manhattan-bound fair-weather cyclists is genuinely appalling. I wish there were some way to educate them on the way to safely share that space when it gets congested. Handling a phone while riding the line is NOT the way to do it. I also don’t know who these speedsters are. I get being frustrated by the much slower flow when it’s busy, but anyone who knows the bridge has to know the hazards like the one you’ve mentioned. How does a guy NOT see a crowd and slow down? That’s not an everyday occurrence. Or maybe it is now, who knows.

  • Joe R.

    The problem is the path really isn’t wide enough for either the expected traffic or speeds. While failing to slow if you see an obstruction ahead is boorish behavior, the hard fact is cyclists descending are going to reach very high speeds as a matter of course. The path should be designed with that in mind. Ideally, the outer roadways on either side would be one way bike traffic only. A separate pedestrian crossing could be built, perhaps next to the upper roadway.

    The bridges in this city have plenty of room to safely accommodate both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. If we need to appropriate a motor lane or two for it, so be it. Decades ago, the bridges had far fewer motor traffic lanes, yet they served more people crossing.

  • Vooch

    Indeed time to repurpose a motor lane to increase capacity of the bridge.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I wish there were some way to educate them on the way to safely share that space when it gets congested.”

    Well, since everyone knows where they are going to be, a sign with an announcement from an automated loudspeaker might do the trick.

    Kind of like my idea of having a car radio play one of a series of “public service announcements” when a driver turns the key (or whatever they do now). If it’s Saturday night, “are you sure you are sober enough to take the wheel?” Etc.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Based on my anecdotal experience (not on the QB itself but based on Manhattan Bridge I think it may apply) the first few days of fair weather are a mess but then people figure out how to ride to the right and hold a line (relatively speaking). Monday-Wednesday this week were a disaster on the Hudson River Greenway but yesterday and today were already showing some improvement, despite what I would guess are even higher volumes.