Today’s Headlines

  • Dorothy Bruns Indicted for Manslaughter and Assault (Post)
  • TransitCenter: If de Blasio Cares About Equality, He’ll Help Speed Bus Travel (NYT)
  • Politico Tries to Untangle Joe Lhota’s Web of Conflicts
  • NY1 Takes a Ride With New Subway Boss Sally Librera
  • Ydanis Talks Bike-Share, BQX, and Pricing With City & State
  • NYC Needs Advice From Richard Brodsky Like It Needs a Backward AirTrain to LaGuardia (Crain’s)
  • Fed Up Van Bramer Wants Clarity on 7 Train CBTC Timetable (AMNY)
  • City Island Straphangers Still Waiting for Better B29 Service (Bx Times)
  • Council Members and Joshi Are Ready to Rein In Uber; de Blasio Noncommittal (WNYC)
  • Yellow Cab Driver Jumps Curb, Pins Man to Midtown Building — No Charges (Post)
  • Child Critically Injured by Bay Ridge Driver Last Sunday Was 10-Year-Old Jobe Kan (BK Reporter)

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  • AnoNYC

    Sunnyside Yard megaproject is no longer just a pipe dream

    South Bronx [Yankee Stadium] parking lots will become massive 750-unit development

  • Vooch

    750 units is a good thing

  • Vooch

    Dorothy Bruns ?

    lesson here is don‘t kill someone‘s kids that has clout

  • AnoNYC

    Good development for these lots. I would like to see all the Yankee Stadium parking lots redeveloped (well, minus the one under the new track and field). Only a matter of time for most.

  • That action wasn’t taken against Dorothy Bruns until she’d already killed two people is such a failure at all levels. We’ve been told that she couldn’t be prosecuted for her many prior offenses because the traffic cameras identified only the car, not the driver. OK, great–when a car has sixteen camera violations, impound the fucking car! That is by far the easiest way to stop repeat offenders. It’s easier and cheaper than getting a criminal conviction and less likely to cause recidivism than incarceration. But our priorities are so broken that we’d rather wait until a driver kills somebody (or in this case several people) and then lock them up than take away their car. In a more rational world, traffic violence should be one of the easiest classes of crime to prevent: it requires the public operation of a machine that costs many thousands of dollars and has a highly visible unique identifier, the ownership of which is already tracked by an extensive bureaucratic apparatus. There is no excuse for allowing people to keep their cars when they’ve shown they can’t be trusted with them sixteen fucking times.

  • Vooch

    back of the envelope calculations say NYC has a shortage of 500,000 housing units.

  • Joe R.

    She had underlying conditions which made it dangerous for her to drive. In a sane world, her driver’s license would have been automatically suspended until the conditions no longer existed. If she decided to drive with a suspended license, then her car should be confiscated and auctioned off the first time she’s caught.

    Totally agree that multiple camera fines should eventually result in impounding the vehicle, regardless of the status of the owner’s driver’s license.

    That said, I’m stunned she’s actually being charged here. I guess all the publicity had something to do with it.

  • HamTech87
  • HamTech87

    Why is the South Bronx project going to include parking? the area is already flooded with lots, and those are going broke. Use the money for more housing.

  • HamTech87

    And with Denise Keehan-Smith, the CB chair for Sunnyside Yards on the master planning committee, I can expect bike facilities to get little traction. That whole development should be designed with Dutch standards — raised bike paths (not lanes) on curbs, and on every single street. Then put big bike parking facilities at all the nearby subway stops.

  • Fool

    I do not understand why the city is pushing housing on sunnyside yards.

    When you literally have a two mile stretch of single story commercial and car dealership properties between the BQE and Steinway Street.

    That stretch of road could be upzoned today and house just as many units as a Sunnyside yards development.

  • AnoNYC

    The city is pushing the upzoning of those one-story commercial corridors around the city, see Jerome Avenue. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Sunnyside Yards will get capped. That’s a great location with a lot of mass transportation access.

    It’s also an easier area to transform politically I would guess. And an opportunity for mega development (people are going to get richer).

  • AnoNYC

    Agreed. I believe these are exempt under zoning regulations to include parking as well. Maybe to appease the community board?