Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio’s War on Delivery Workers Still Playing Havoc With People’s Lives (Gothamist[!], WNYC)
  • No One Knows How Much East Side Access Will Cost or When It Will Be Done (PoliticoNYT)
  • De Blasio and Johnson Want an Accounting of Subway Rescue Plan Spending (News, AMNY)
  • Kabak: Better Bus Service Will Require Adding Lanes and Keeping Them Clear (GG)
  • Hundreds of Thousands of NY Commuters Spend 3 or More Hours a Day on Trains and Buses (Post)
  • Johnson: RPPs Should Not Incentivize Car Ownership (NY1); Ydanis Plan Hinges on CB Input (AMNY)
  • Diaz Sr. Bill Would Impose Work Restrictions and Fees on Uber and Lyft Drivers (AMNY, News)
  • City Launches Free Shuttle Service for Rikers Visitors (NY1News)
  • What Happens When Your City Gives Away Valuable Curb Space for Free (Post)
  • The Campaign Against Anything Good Is About to Lose a Key Asset (Post)

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  • AnoNYC

    Welcome To The Unhinged Madness Of Street Parking In New York City

    And this is from March 28th, but look at how frequent subway service is in Moscow during rush hour (38 trains per hour/per direction on line 9):

  • djx

    If they kept up with alternate side parking, why shouldn’t someone park a boat on the street. Banning boats from free street parking is a just another burden on regular working people in this city, who are just looking for a place to put their boats.

    How typical of limousine liberals think everyone can afford to garage their boats. Sheesh.

  • Jeff

    Everything about the Moscow Metro is a dream. Each and every station is a veritable cathedral to mass transit (okay they’re actually kind of cathedrals to some weird idealized version of the “working man” if you look closely at the ornamentation, but that’s a different story), stations are spread far apart, trains consistently go full speed between stations, dwell times are short thanks to frequent service (so short that they open the doors while the train is still moving a bit), and of course the negligible headways. Freaking amazing.

  • oldladystyle

    There is no war on ebikes. Its just lip service. There are tons of ebikers riding around with impunity

  • Guest

    It is certainly not “lip service” for the low-wage workers who have had their e-bikes confiscated.

  • Joe R.

    And meanwhile all the MTA can offer is excuse after excuse for why it doesn’t run trains at full speed, doesn’t have more frequent headways, doesn’t have more reliable service, etc. It’s a pity we can’t send the MTA officials to the gulag when they fail to deliver.

  • Fool

    Those trains haul. They really do not have (de)acceleration or low speed restrictions.

  • Knut Torkelson

    Yeah call it lip service to the face of a guy risking his life bringing in $5 an hour who just had a $1000+ e-bike confiscated.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    This is like claiming that Prohibition didn’t exist because people still drank.

  • AnoNYC

    I’ve read that certain lines in NYC once achieved similar headways.