Today’s Headlines

  • How Many Fatalities Before DOT Fixes Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue? (BK Paper)
  • Johnson Challenges de Blasio on Discounted MetroCards (News, AMNY)
  • News Has More on Yesterday’s Throwback Council Congestion Hearing
  • Voice Tries to Make Sense of de Blasio’s BQX Mess; Also: BK Paper
  • Bill Colton Joins Electeds Ganging Up on Constituents Who Ride the B82, Natch (KCP)
  • S&P Unimpressed by Cuomo’s Cab Surcharge Copout (AMNY)
  • App-Hail Guild Petitions TLC for Pay Raise and Driver Cap (TL)
  • The Times Covers Uber’s Electric Bike-Share Acquisition
  • Amtrak Lays Out Plans for Summer Penn Station Work (NYT, Post)
  • NYC’s Failure to Manage Curbs Has Really Done a Number on People (Bx Times)
  • Vision Zero Year 5: Still OK to Run People Over on the Sidewalk (Bx Times)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The Charter Revision Commissions has two likely subjects.

    1) Term limit repeal.

    2) Retroactive pension increases — eliminating Tier IV to allow teachers to continue to retire at 55 and all employees to contribute less to their own pensions.

  • Fool

    A real democratic city charter would be a pure proportional representation system, break Joe’s Democratic monopoly.
    -Won’t happen.

  • Joe R.

    I would love to know what the rationale was in the first place reducing the teacher’s retirement age to 55. I can understand 55 retirement for jobs which greatly stress your body, like track worker. By the time you’re 55 you literally can’t the job any more. But teachers? Teachers can and should work until at least 70. With lifespans being what they are today, most could still enjoy 20+ years of retirement.

  • Benjamin Davidson MacKrell

    Does anyone know if there is a plan in place to repair the Hudson River Greenway Amtrak Bridge during the Empire Route shutdown? I haven’t been over it since the fall, but that thing was a deathtrap.

  • fdtutf

    I don’t know in this specific case, but such concessions are often offered in lieu of wage increases. If teachers accepted retirement at 55 in lieu of a wage increase, I don’t see how we can welsh on the bargain now.