Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Should Have Flagged Dorothy Bruns as Unfit to Drive After Hit-and-Run 6 Months Ago (News)
  • No Charges After Driver Backs Into and Kills Lucille Raphael, 75, in Flatlands (BK Paper, Bklyner)
  • Cuomo Blows Off Chance to Speak Up for Safer NYC Streets (AMNY)
  • Census Data Show Population Gains in All Boroughs Since 2010 (NYT)
  • City Council Approves Funds for Investigation Unit and Other New Staff (NYT)
  • House Passes Budget With $540M for Gateway (NY1)
  • Project to Shore Up the A Line Will Disrupt Rockaways Service for Months (NY1)
  • CB 8, Riverdale Press Exasperated by DOT’s Insistence on a Safer Broadway
  • DOT Finally Returns Crosswalks to West End Avenue, But Not 96th Street (Rag)
  • Looks Like a Certain Ex-Pol Has a Case of Parking Entitlement Syndrome (AdvanceNews)

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  • Vooch

    Killer driver Dorothy Bruns is very likely a member of a protected class. Relative or spouse.

    Anyone that garners that many camera moving violations and not one single human issued violation is getting professional courtesy

  • AstoriaBlowin

    CB8 chair Rosemary Ginty, standing at the side of the crowded room, took issue with the DOT approach of soliciting input from the community about what needed to be done at Broadway, but then implementing none of those suggestions.

    “…I have never seen anything so dismissive of a community as what DOT did with this plan coming back to us.”

    She must never have heard of the Cross Bronx Expressway, Gowanus Expressway, Atlantic Yards, Willets Point, etc. etc.

  • AMH

    The officer who failed to report Bruns’ hit-and-run, “Rodriguez, 40, has since been stripped of all traffic duties. She’s doing patrols in a squad car on full duty.”

    Am I wrong, or does that sound like a promotion?

  • bolwerk

    This is a job description where committing murder might result in “suspension with pay” (e.g., a paid vacation).

  • vnm

    I don’t think any community input was even solicited for the Cross Bronx or Gowanus. They pretty much said, we’re building this, here’s fair value for your property, here’s where you’re being relocated to.

  • vnm

    Or if not, it’s a testament to the (in)ability of humans to do law enforcement. As one example, I see cars making illegal turns at intersections multiple times a day, rights on red, speeding, etc. A lot of people miss a lot of illegal behavior.

  • kevd

    At the end of the prospect expressway at Church Ave., there is red light camera.
    It was a joy to watch every vehicle come to a complete stop just BEFORE the yellow had turned to red. Humans learn quickly. (that camera has been there for years, though).