Today’s Headlines

  • Read Joe Lhota’s Lips: Congestion Pricing Won’t Pass This Year. Or Maybe It Will. Who Knows? (Politico)
  • Instead of Raising Fares, MTA Board Would Like Revenue From Congestion Pricing (AMNY, News)
  • NYC’s Business-Labor-Enviro Coalition Making One Last Push for Pricing in Albany (News)
  • Daily News: Cuomo Needs to Twist Arms for Congestion Pricing, Carl Heastie Needs to Speak Up
  • Federal Spending Deal May Fund ~5% of Gateway Tunnel Estimate (Politico, WNYC)
  • Gateway Tunnel Costs 4-5 Times as Much as It Should (CityLab)
  • Post: Cuomo Value Capture Plan a “Thuggish Assault on Home Rule” in NYC
  • MTA Replaces Wooden Safety Rail With Fiberglass, Too Late for St. Clair Richards Stephens (PostAMNY)
  • Cab Driver and Medallion Owner Nicanor Ochisor Hangs Himself, Citing Financial Ruin (Post)
  • People You Share the Streets With (News)

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  • Vooch

    Let us pray that the killing of Eliane generates a healthy dialogue about traffic violence

  • bolwerk

    Thoughts and prayers is what most traffic violence advocates have to offer. Sounds familiar!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Videos make all the difference. TV stations are reluctant to show them, or halt them prior to the point of impact.

    If there were enough videos, and people saw them, they’d be more afraid of traffic violence than they are of crime. As they ought to be, statistically.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The MTA Board wants to keep deceiving the public. If it wanted to be honest, it would impose a Generation Greed Surcharge that showed how much of the MTA’s revenues are being sucked into the past. You put in $40, and you get a $25 Metrocard with a $15 Generation Greed surcharge.

    The same recommendation I made for New Jersey applies double for New York and triple for the MTA.

    People deserve to know how they are paying now for policies enacted by Lhota and Giuliani during the Giuliani Administration, and by other politicians of their generation, to benefit their generation at the expense of those to follow. Every day.

    The MTA Board wants a cover up. Less in fares will just mean less in maintenance or service — but perhaps only down the line when the last of Generation Greed has retired to Florida. The only concern seems to be that the sold-out future is arriving too soon.

  • Vooch

    agreed / I find the crash maps published by DOT useful as a teaching tool.

    people have no idea how much traffic violence occurs right in their immediatenieghborhood

  • iSkyscraper

    Can someone please explain to me why the MTA has buses wear snow chains whenever it snows a few inches? West 57th St is not the Donner Pass — the route is flat, it never has more than a little slush on it, etc. Even today, long after the snow stopped, many buses were still wearing their chains. This is very hard on the vehicles (shakes them like crazy) not to mention the passengers. I haven’t seen chains used on buses in other cities with snow. Staten Island or hilly parts of the Bronx, I get it. But why does the MTA put them on buses that clearly don’t need them?

  • bolwerk

    Dunno if this is the answer, but the bus running on West 57th might be stored at a depot in a hilly part of The Bronx.

    Also marshalling buses back to depots takes time, and AIUI typically buses run about 24 hours before returning to a depot to refuel.

  • iSkyscraper

    I thought about that, but Manhattan buses don’t have hills to climb to get to depots other than a little bit on Broadway, and that’s plowed and clear of any real snow at all times. And sure, they put the chains on before the shift that gets the blizzard and that bus might still be out for a while after. But wow it’s a horrible anti-transit experience to ride slow, vibrating buses with chains. It seems like complete overkill for Manhattan buses to have chains when, say, Montreal or Toronto buses do not.

  • KeNYC2030

    Has Cynthia Nixon made any statements on congestion pricing?

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Always weird to me to be cycling easily on a clear road next to a huge multi-ton bus with chains on the tires.

  • bolwerk

    A given bus might work a few different routes too. And they might not know going in exactly how serious a blizzard will be.

    I’d be thankful Cuomo didn’t shut the transit network down. :-p

  • Larry Littlefield

    It would be interesting to compare press reports prior to the release of the video to press reports on the release of the video.

    “Experts who viewed the video said the vehicle’s Lidar (laser) and radar, which can see in the dark better than humans or cameras, should have detected Herzberg.” “It absolutely should have been able to pick her up,” said Sam Abuelsmaid, an analyst for Navigant Research who follows autonomous vehicles. “From what I see in the video it sure looks like the car is at fault, not the pedestrian.”

    That’s from FoxNews, which one wouldn’t expect to care about a homeless pedestrian/cyclist relative to a large corporation, although this one was older and White.

  • Vooch
  • AMH

    The subway safety railing was replaced with fiberglass, not plexi. I’m kind of amazed at all of the decaying wood throughout the system (particularly third rail covers, flooring at a few stations). As a side note, reports vary on how far Mr Stephens fell, ranging from 9-20 feet. I hope there will be proactive action, and not merely reaction. Mr Byford seems to be handling this very well.

  • AMH

    It’s exceptionally hard on the asphalt too.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Everybody’s “open to it.”

  • AnoNYC

    A little update that has been missed with some numbers:

    NYPD e-bikes crackdown continues

    “From Jan. 1 to Feb. 11, the most recent period for which data is available, police seized 209 e-bikes and issued 238 moving summonses to e-bike users citywide.

    This rate puts the city on pace to surpass the 1,007 e-bikes confiscated citywide by police last year, which itself was a significant increase over the 551 seized in 2016.”

  • Fool

    It is a fleet-wide determination for New York City Transit Surface Transportation and MTA Bus Co.

    There is no management – labor mechanism for only some depots or some routes to be assigned chains. MTA Bus Co. just makes the decision based on NYCT’s decision.