Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits 11-Year-Old Boy Near Staten Island School — NYPD Blames Child (Advance 1, 2)
  • De Blasio Knows He Can’t Count on Albany to Make NYC Streets Safer (News)
  • Advocates Talk With Errol Louis About de Blasio’s Response to Ninth Street Child Deaths (NY1)
  • Daily News Applauds Mayor’s Punt; More: AMNY, WNYC, BK PaperPost
  • Related: Someone Asked de Blasio About “Distracted Walking” and Of Course He Took the Bait (AMNY)
  • Related: Not Even a Ticket for Ramming SUV Into Storefront as People Run for Their Lives (Bx Times)
  • Broken 111-Year-Old Bridge Cuts Off NJ Transit From Penn Station (AP)
  • Cuomo Still Can’t Say How His Tappan Zee Will Be Paid For, or How Much It Will Cost (Politico)
  • The Real MTA Genius Is the Guy Who’s Quantifying Bus Lane Blockages (NYT)
  • Filmmakers Are Producing a Documentary About the L Train Shutdown (AMNY)
  • Responding to Death of Phil O’Reilly, Lancman Wants Union Turnpike Safety Upgrades (Torch)
  • DDC Announces Sidewalk Extensions and Other Improvements for W. 70th and 71 Streets (Rag)
  • Private Sanitation Union Chief: City Carting Reforms Can’t Happen Soon Enough (C&S)

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  • qrt145

    Re: “The Real MTA Genius Is the Guy Who’s Quantifying Bus Lane Blockages”. There’s a saying in academia that if you add “machine learning” (or some other buzzword du jour) to the title of a paper in an unrelated field, it will certainly get published. The Times has confirmed it by finally noticing lane blocking now that someone used machine learning to prove it!

    That’s not to say that Alex Bell’s work isn’t cool. The next step should be to add license plate reading (probably not possible with the traffic camera feed, though) and file 311 complaints automatically. 🙂

  • J

    You guys have collected some amazing data about the instances of NYPD blaming victims. I’m sure some researchers would love to show how systematic the victim blaming is.

  • Larry Littlefield

    It turns out someone did coverage the subway hell yesterday.

    Trapped for two hours. Three people struck by trains on other lines at the same time. And they didn’t even mention the “earlier incident” that had Brooklyn’s IRT service moving at 5 mph with long stops between stations.
    On the bike today, Thank God.

  • AMH

    Good God, I had no idea of the extent of the chaos although I encountered an employee saying that there were no R/W trains at Whitehall around this time. This is the new normal, it seems.

  • Larry Littlefield

    That may be the only reason the scenario I fear, with the platform getting wall to wall crowded, some pushing, and lots of people falling to the tracks and getting hit by a train, didn’t happen. There was no train, because someone got killed by a train somewhere else.

    The buses were overloaded. Took a 2/3 — which crawled to Grand Army and walked the 1.5 miles. My daughter heeded my advice to avoid crowded platforms where one could get trapped and also took the 2/3. As a member, she was able to grab a Citibike there.

    I’m going to try to convince her to ride in with me when it gets warmer.

  • JarekFA
  • Larry Littlefield

    “A police investigation at Whitehall Street.”

    I want to find out what happened to the folks who were the subject of investigations. NBC reported three possible 12-9s. We’re getting knocked off on the train, bike and on foot.

  • Vooch

    50,000 citibike riders arrived on time