Today’s Headlines

  • Another Day, Another Cuomo Ploy to Avoid Taking Responsibility for His MTA (Politico)
  • State Lawmakers Omit Congestion Pricing From Senate and Assembly Budgets (AMNY)
  • Jeff Klein and Senate GOP Want to Steal Transit Funds From City Budget Instead (News)
  • Daily News Editorial Board Distracted by Heastie’s Cab Surcharge Distraction
  • Republicans Plot to Trumpwhisper Gateway Funds (PoliticoWNYC) as Chao Dials Up the Batshit (Hill)
  • Under de Blasio, NYPD More Likely to Park in Bus Lanes Than Ticket Drivers Who Block Them (NY1)
  • Voice: “Subway Action Plan” Focus Is Too Narrow to Do Most Straphangers Much Good
  • Byford Says He’s Looking Into Speeding Up Subway Trains (Post)
  • Post: David Gantt — Not Joe Lentol — Is Holding Up Bill to Suspend Serial Speeder Licenses
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Regarding the MTA, you agreed that the City should provide $400 million to the MTA subway action plan, and those funds would be dedicated to the New York City Transit Authority,” David wrote Tuesday.

    So that $400 million in existing funding could be shifted to the LIRR.

    “A budget resolution prepared by the GOP-controlled Senate includes a measure first proposed by Bronx Sen. Jeff Klein that calls for the state to divert $428 million from the city’s annual sales tax revenue to cover the city’s share of repair costs under the turnaround plan.”

    How much would be diverted from the suburban counties? How much of the money diverted from New York City would be diverted from the suburban counties? Why is NYC made to pay a higher share of the Medicaid costs within its borders than the rest of the state? Why is NYC the only part of the state that doesn’t get municipal aid?

    I want a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

  • vnm

    Bravo to NY and NJ Republicans for standing up for basic human sanity on Gateway.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Too late.

    They started the “find someone to cheat while funding ourselves” strategy with regard to New York City.

    Never forget that as part of Trumpcare, they wanted to force New York State to eliminate the local share of Medicaid funding for the rest of New York State but keep it for New York City, so city residents would be paying for their Medicaid AND the rest of the state.

    At the state level, that’s the Republican plan for mass transit too.

    So Republicans from the rest of the country took the clue, and decided to fund themselves at the expense of New York and New Jersey in their entireties. In part by getting rid of the state and local government tax deduction, and in part through this.

    It’s the same values. And I hope they are clobbered by this in the election.

    “You tried and failed to use the federal government to cheat New York City on our behalf, and now your fellow Republicans are cheating all of us on their behalf! See that this led to?”

  • bolwerk

    I don’t think federalism ever really served healthcare and welfare particularly well, and devolving those things was generally a mistake that created a lot of terrible (and arbitrary) risk pools. Much the same lesson is being learned now with Obamacare.

    On the flip side, nobody really seems to want to reckon with what Gateway is and where the benefits go. Right now regional Republicans have a bizarre impetus to support it only because many high-level professional swing voters benefit, but at least in New Jersey those people are going to die and probably not be replaced with Republican sympathetic voters who benefit. The future New Jersey Transit railroad user will probably be viewed with as much contempt by the GOP as the Port Authority Bus Terminal user.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The future American has been viewed with contempt by most of the GOP and a substantial share of the Democratic Party for nearly 40 years, and certainly since the early 1990s when the Boomers took over.