Today’s Headlines

  • No Charges: Driver Hits Crowd on Flatbush Sidewalk; Child Hurt; 2 Critical (Post, AMNYNews, NY1)
  • Cuomo Is Still Stalling “Emergency” Subway Repairs (News, WNYCNY1)
  • Trump and Gateway: Same Crazy, Different Day (Politico 1, 2)
  • More Coverage of DOT’s Ninth Street Redesign Announcement (AMNY, Post)
  • Post Joins Call to Attach License Points to Camera Violations
  • Ginia Bellafante: Legal System Ill-Equipped to Respond to Traffic Violence Epidemic (NYT)
  • DOT: Crosstown Harlem Streets With 2 Lanes for Parking Too Narrow for Protected Bike Lanes (Patch)
  • Fast Company Covers Bill de Blasio’s Pointless and Shameful War on Working Cyclists
  • Tom Wrobleski Endorses Staten Island Express Bus Overhaul (Advance)
  • Bucking Dinowitz, Riverdale Press Unequivocally — and Deftly — Endorses Congestion Pricing

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  • Larry Littlefield

    We’ll see if enough of the old crowd has died off on Staten Island to allow something to actually happen there. After 40 years of having polticos jump up and down and yell “forgotten borough!” regardless of what was proposed.

    The population has changed. The politicos have not.

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    D and R had meltdown this morning in Brooklyn.

  • kevd

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s announcement of protected bike lanes and pedestrian refuges at Glenwood Road and Nostrand Ave.

  • AnoNYC

    Longer Subway Trains. High-Tech Signals. Communications Robots. Subway ‘Genius’ Ideas Announced.

  • JarekFA

    Tons of injuries on 3rd avenue in Brooklyn. Even more then on 4th ave. I’ve just started familiarizing myself with the VZ injury map.

  • Vooch

    the dangerous driver tried to blame the mechanics of his car for crashing on the sidewalk

    sad !

  • Vooch

    My bike left on time this morning

  • Larry Littlefield

    As did mine. I was very pleased with the level of melting. I thought I would be on the train again today.

  • I left my bike home today. The reading of 29 degrees when I woke up, combined with the assumption that there would still be ice, was enough to make me not go for it. And when I went outside, I did see enough ice to really make me not want to do it. I am pretty wary of ice.

    I am pretty sure that, with no freezing temperatures expected over the weekend, the ice won’t be a factor by Monday.

  • kevd

    (weren’t two kids killed on 3rd a decade ago – safety fixes were promised but never delivered?)

  • kevd

    *not that there isn’t also a racial and socioeconomic aspect at play in terms of which deaths get responses from the city*

  • walks bikes drives

    I biked to work Friday. No ice. Would have biked Thursday too, but needed to take the train for other reasons. Manhattan surface streets are typically free and clear of ice except during a storm and tight along the gutter at places. I feel like it has been several years since I encountered a severe patch of ice on the travel surface, although that does often require taking the lane to not be relegated to the icy edge after a snow storm.

  • Yes, the edges are where the ice is. And that is what I saw as I walked to the train on Friday morning.

    I can recall several instances over the past years of having to stop during my ride along the edge of a street, and wait for a gap in the car traffic so that I could move to the centre in order to avoid patches of ice.

    And there was one scary moment on Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn when I nearly lost control after having to stop short. You can be sure that I went slo-o-owly and extra carefully for the rest of that trip.

    So I just don’t want to deal with ice.