Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Moves Swiftly to Absolve Woman Who Killed 2 Kids on 9th Street (NYTNewsPost, Bklyn Paper)
  • Gersh Kuntzman: “Like Gun Nuts Who Kill, Car Nuts Who Kill Can Be Stopped” (Bklyn Paper)
  • Advocates Rally for Safer Streets Outside de Blasio’s 9th Street Gym This Morning (News)
  • NYC’s Bus Problems Aren’t Limited to Specific Routes — They’re Systemwide (City Limits)
  • The Daily News Gateway Cost-Cutting Suggestions Don’t Affect the $13B Tunnel Portion
  • City Agencies Start Going Through the Motions of de Blasio’s Congestion Plan (News)
  • Citi Bike Adds Incentives to Keep Stations on Elevated Ground Stocked With Bikes (Bklyn Paper)
  • AMNY Recaps Last Week’s Liz Krueger Transit Forum
  • WTF: Conductor Spreads False Alarm About ICE Raid on NJ Transit Train (Post)
  • SUV Driver Smashes Through Morris Avenue Storefront in Concourse Village (Post)
  • New York City Drivers Are Aggressive Jerks to Celebrities Too (News)

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  • Vooch

    The 9th street killer driver is a doppelgänger of Marty Golden. Check out this list of crimes

  • Guest

    This place is the figurative wild west when it comes to driving. Drivers know they can get away with the kind of reckless and irresponsible behavior here that would land them in jail in most other cities. That’s why the killer driver–a New Yorker from Staten Island–thought it was acceptable to drive distracted the way she did–and the NYPD’s reaction proves it. Look how many moving violations she had. And yet she’s still given not only the benefit of the doubt, but absolution. Disgusting.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I think of all the horrible crashes over all the years, this one is the worst. No husband or father or mother can fail to be shaken by this. Everything has to be considered.
    Vehicles have to over-ride drivers to prevent anything like this. Volvo, the former safe car leader: “We keep the people inside the car safe, and those outside better get out of your way!”

    Those red light cameras need to be graduated with increasing penalties. Perhaps not so harsh if you catch tail red the first time, but increasingly harsh if you keep doing it, or if you run the red in the middle or late in the cycle.

    Anyone has a record like that woman again, they should be hauled in and forced to watch that video, and a bunch of others like it.

  • Maggie

    I’m curious when NYPD looked up the driver’s appalling record after she killed two kids and when they planned to report it to the public. Would love to see some detail on this. It’s bizarre to me that this wasn’t something they knew and acted on within minutes of the crash.

  • Fool

    Modest proposal for Gateway:
    -Import Spanish tunneling company.
    -Import Spanish labor.
    -Import Spanish work rules.
    -Create a trans-Hudson Spanish Consulate on Gateway Right-of-Way.

    -Enjoy $3 billion tunnel?

  • Vooch

    Killed Driver is obviously a member of a protected class

  • ohnonononono

    I’m sure the local construction unions would love that!

  • reasonableexplanation

    Failure to stop at a red light is 3 points, this person had 4 of those violations from 2016 to now, that’s over the 11 point limit to have your license suspended… so was the driver on a suspended license? And if not, why not?

  • qrt145

    Is it possible these were camera tickets? I think those don’t add points because the camera identifies the car but not the driver.

  • bolwerk

    LOLish that someone can fuck that up that often. That’s one of the most basic aspects of safe driving. And those are just the times he got caught.

  • MatthewEH

    There needs to be an immediate zero-tolerance policy on motorists edging past their limit lines when waiting at a red light, citywide. Cop sees you do it, you get ticketed for running a red. No exceptions. It’s an aggressive shitheel thing to do at best, and at worst it goddamned kills people…

    This’d be sorta like the bicycle red-light “crackdowns” that happens whenever a rider who was not or minimally at fault gets killed by a motorist. Only this crackdown would actually have a point.

  • MatthewEH

    Driver was a she. Otherwise, yes, incredible.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Right. And if that presumes the problem was the car and not the driver, then perhaps that car should have had its right to drive revoked.

  • AstoriaBlowin

    Multiple violations should result in the car being impounded and destroyed. Since it’s seems its always the car that is always at fault and never the driver of said car, that would be an appropriate and just punishment.

  • bolwerk

    Guess I was thrown off by the “doppelgänger of Marty Golden” comment. :-O

  • Simon Phearson

    Virtually everyone I see pulling this stunt is testing a straight-up run past the red light. There are a couple of long lights on my typical routes where drivers do it all the time. They ought to set up a sting.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Advocates called for traffic-calming measures, but City Councilman Brad Lander, who represents the area, said nothing would have prevented Monday’s death. “No intersection design was going to stop this erratic driver from killing these kids,” Lander said.

    – Daily News “Advocates Rally for Safer Streets Outside de Blasio’s 9th Street Gym This Morning”

    A pretty lackadaisical response for such a tragedy. Eliminating the turn bays in favor of refuge islands with bollards can be a start. Or at least repaint the street markings. It may or may not have helped but the absolute worst is to chalk this up as any other day of street violence and do nothing.

  • Vooch

    Betcha these are all automatic ( ie camera tickets ) because killer driver is member of a protected class.

    If a member of a protected class gets stopped by a human; they get off with a smile and a salute.

    We learned this with the Marty Golden corruption scandal. He had dozens of unpaid driving tickets also

  • Urbanely

    Another, even more dangerous maneuver that’s becoming more common, is people who don’t want to wait in line in left turn bays. When there is a line of cars waiting for a left turn light, somebody will cut the line by driving down the right side of the line and then trying to turn in front of or alongside someone who is making the left turn when permitted. It’s disgusting, piggish behavior, and incredibly dangerous because the line cutter usually can’t see the crosswalk around the turning cars.

  • bolwerk

    Brad Lander is galactic brain material, an expert on transit economics and the butterfly effect alike.

  • Joe R.

    I see this pretty often by me, along with using bike lanes to get to the head of the line at red lights, then cutting the first person in line off once the light goes green.

  • MatthewEH

    That one drives me especially crazy when I’m riding on avenues with protected bike lanes. I’m often merging out so as to choose when my path intersects with that of drivers making the turn-bay turn. Then some jobber suddenly cuts in front of me from the leftmost through lane. *sees red*

  • AstoriaBlowin

    In Astoria I’ve seen in many times on 21st street that if someone wants to make a left turn and there is a back up of cars before the intersection they will drive out into oncoming traffic, often for a half a block or more so that they can get to the turn without waiting and then speed through the crosswalk. Been cut off in a crosswalk like this more than once.

  • You certainly do not need to be a parent to be shaken and outraged by this.

  • I often mention this to drivers when I see them stopped ahead of the line. Some of them are even in the crosswalk. A lot of them respond “big f-ing deal!” They actually believe that they don’t need to respect those lines.

    And the police seem to agree. Recently I happened to be stopped at a red light behind a car that was, as usual, well over the stopping line. By chance a police car with an open window happened to be next to me, right behind the offending driver. So I pointed it out to the officer in the passenger seat, mentioning that that this is a constant problem. The cop’s response: he asked if I was new to New York.

    In his perverse way, he had a point, because it’s not this way in other cities. As an arrogant New Yorker, I hadn’t been to other cities much until the last couple of years, when I made several trips to Philadelphia and Washington just to ride around those towns. (I actually rode to Washington, and both ways to and from Philadelphia. Doesn’t take much to get me to mention that.) And I found that drivers don’t do that in Philly and DC; they stop behind the lines, as the law requires.

    We could have that as a norm here, too, if not for the police’s indifference.

  • kevd

    I always like the “unlimited left”.
    One driver has a protected left hand turn – so even after that green left arrow turns red, 2 or 3 cars proceed behind the first, following as close as physically possible so that traffic that now has the right of way can not get through.

  • MatthewEH

    I console myself by imagining an angry God causing encroaching drivers’ cars to spontaneously explode. (Just damaging their cars, occupants would land lightly on their feet 40 yards away.)

    Or a razor edge neatly sectioning off the part of the car ahead of the line. Again, not causing any personal injury.

  • AMH

    Yes, severely restricting the space motorists have to maneuvre at intersections would force them to keep their speed down. Far better for them to plow into a bollard than a stroller.