Today’s Headlines

  • Veteran Train Operators Say MTA Sends New Recruits Into Service Before They’re Ready (News)
  • This Albany Session, Make Sure Cuomo Knows You Know It’s His MTA (AMNY, WNYCPost)
  • Congestion Pricing Lessons From London, Stockholm, and Singapore (NYT)
  • Why Is Our “Progressive” Mayor Letting Bus Service Fall to Pieces? (Voice)
  • Andy Byford Relies on the Subways, Just Like Us (NY1)
  • Ex-MTA Construction Manager Gets 4 Years in Prison for Taking Bribes From Contractors (Post)
  • L Train Shutdown Street Changes Make Sense Even Without the L Train Shutdown (Wired)
  • City Ramped Up Tickets for Illegal Parking in Parks. Can You Tell? (Post)
  • DOT Austin Street Plan Includes Modest Parking Price Reforms, Loading Zones, Crosswalks (QChron)
  • Driver Plows Through Bed Stuy Storefront (CBS2)
  • RIP Lee Pomeroy, Subway Station Architect and Planner of Fulton Mall (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s fine to hammer the Governor, but don’t forget the state legislature. Cuomo has only been doing damage for seven years.

    Anybody going to disrupt and set back their lives to try to get on the ballot and run against them? I never wanted to grow up to be a politician, but I did it. Anyone else?

    If we have no choice, they can just keep laughing at the serfs.

  • sbauman

    Here’s a solution for the plethora of inept train operators and conductors: go to completely automated train operation.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Then it all works except when none of it does.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The silence is heard all the way up in Albany, where they are laughing now.

    A quote from Cuomo (Mario) on his radio show from the mid-1990s.

    “If you don’t participate in the system it’s going to hurt you. The older people are taking everything now.”

    Aimed at my generation, Generation Apathy which followed Generation Greed.