Today’s Headlines

  • Subway Service Is Improving: < 2 Massive Delays Per Weekday in December (NYT)
  • Meet Joe Lhota, Andrew Cuomo’s Part-Time Political Attack Dog (Politico)
  • Lhota Threatens to Punish All Straphangers for Fewer Fare-Beating Prosecutions (NYT)
  • How the MTA Saddled Future SAS Riders With Longer Headways (Voice)
  • There Is an L Shutdown Open House Tonight in Williamsburg (NY1)
  • NYPD Has Practically Legalized Hit-and-Run in NYC (City Limits)
  • Bipeds Register Only as Obstacles in DSNY’s State-of-the-Art Snow Situation Room (NYT)
  • Former DOT Chief Lou Riccio Wants News Readers to Believe Uber Created Gridlock
  • Psycho Who Shot Two People in Queens Traffic Dispute Gets 25 to Life (FHP)
  • It Could Happen (Onion)

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  • ohnonononono

    I waited ~15 minutes for the 6 train during rush hour yesterday. I guess that’s not considered a “major” delay? It’s enough to cause dangerous crowding at stations and further send service into chaos as dwell times deteriorate. It’s these little delays that are basically “normal” for the past few years or so that build up and the MTA seemingly never has a great explanation for.

  • sbauman

    I have been archiving the MTA’s real time subway feed. Yesterday’s pm rush hour (4pm-7pm) that only 70% of the scheduled uptown locals (6) and 56% of the scheduled uptown local-exp actually departed from Brooklyn Bridge.

    Even on a “good” day, trips abandoned before leaving the first station account for 5% of scheduled departures. This percentage has not changed in the year that I’ve been monitoring the MTA’s real time feed.

  • bolwerk

    What the hell is with media people who still think de Blasio is interested in police reform? If it wasn’t obvious by the time he announced he’d nominate Bratton of all people as police commissioner, it was obvious when he defended cops who beat up and octogenarian man for jaywalking.

    BdB could nominate Joe Arpaio for police commissioner and it still wouldn’t be enough for these goons.

  • sbauman

    Former DOT Chief Lou Riccio Wants News Readers to Believe Uber Created Gridlock

    There’s much more data to back up Riccio, than the assertion that vehicle volume across the CBD cordon is causing congestion within the CBD.

    NYMTC has published yearly CBD cordon counts since the 1970’s. The latest, 2016, was recently released. It showed a continued decline. This is shown on a graph on page 15 of the latest report.

    Compare this trend with the vehicular speed chart published on page 7 of Fix NYC’s report

    Vehicle counts and vehicle speed are decreasing in tandem. It’s clear that factors other than vehicle volume have a much more important role in creating congestion. It should also be clear that any strategy to reduce congestion must first address the factors that are causing the congestion.

  • JarekFA

    Subway Service Is Improving: < 2 Massive Delays Per Weekday in December

    What a crock of shit. Since the weather’s been really shitty lately I’ve been taking the train in a lot more (at least 3 days a week the past 3 weeks) instead of biking. And — OMG; what disrespect.

    At least a half dozen times I’ve had to wait over 14 minutes for a local at Atlantic at the height of the evening rush in the past 3 weeks. Last night, the countdown timer didn’t work (the app said it’d be 19 minutes) but it was only 4 minutes. But the trains after me were 18 and 22 minutes behind me. Today, get on a 2 at Atlantic — “This is the last stop for this train” even though it said Wakefield bound. So the entire train had to get off and catch a 4/5 or something else. Website had a delay listed the other direction. I mean WTF — they just abruptly kick everyone off the train. And they claimed there was good service in that direction.

    God – I wish I felt more comfortable to bike in on days like today. But whenever you have a lot of preciptiation followed by sub-freezing mornings, you’ve got a recipe for ice on the roads, so I try to avoid. But man — the dehumanizing and sense of lack of personal autonomy and freedom you experience by this poorly operated train system is just awful and disrespecful and there should absolutely be some sort of law that requires all senior MTA people to get around primarily by transit. That’s the only way this shit gets fixed. If Lhota (whose day job is running a massive hospital system) had to ride the subway everywhere (which he fucking should), then the Subway would be in a hell of lot better shape (but who am I kidding, he wouldn’t have taken the job with such a condition; whereas Andy B is a straphanger).

    /rant off.

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    The R Train hit the daily-double yesterday; melted down for both the morning and evening rush, out of and into Brooklyn.

    As I waited 12 minutes for the R (after being unable to board one due to overcrowding) at 5:50 pm at the 9th Street station in Brooklyn which literally smelled like excrement, I too wanted Andy B. there to share the experience.

  • JarekFA

    Thank you for doing that. Do you have a public link where you list the archives? I’m really curious re: headways for the Bay Ridge bound Rs at Atlantic during the evening rush? It honestly seems like it’s regularly well over 12 minutes and the only time you get reasonable headways, is because earlier trains were delayed and so you get shorter/reasonable headways by virtue of bunching. This is how it “feels.”

    Also, if a train’s “trainsponder” [like for B division trains, such as my R last night that was invisible to the count-down clocks and app] isn’t functioning, does that not show up in your tracking?

  • carma

    i’d like to know as well where this feed is. i’d like to do some excel number crunching myself. thanks

  • sbauman

    I’ve stored the compressed, serialized gtfs-rt feed that’s available to any developer. Here’s a link that explains what’s available and the rules.

    Using it involves a lot of high level programming. Here’s how somebody (not me) described how he went about it.

    If that does not put you off, apply for a license and give it a whirl.

    Regarding your question from last night. Here’s how I interpret what happened at Atlantic. You can cut and paste into a spreadsheet.

    “train id”;”sched arrival”;”actual arrival”
    “1R 1536 CTL/95S”;”16:41:00″;”16:49:12″
    “1R 1541+ CTL/95S”;”16:47:00″;”16:51:17″
    “1R 1551 CTL/95S”;”16:55:30″;”16:59:17″
    “1R 1559+ CTL/95S”;”17:05:30″;”17:09:02″
    “1R 1630+ CTL/95S”;”17:37:58″;”17:38:37″
    “1R 1618+ CTL/95S”;”17:26:30″;”17:46:50″
    “1R 1634+ CTL/95S”;”17:44:00″;”17:53:03″
    “1R 1603+ CTL/95S”;”17:13:37″;”18:04:37″
    “1R 1639 CTL/95S”;”17:52:02″;”18:04:37″
    “1R 1623 CTL/95S”;”17:32:00″;”18:19:02″
    “1R 1647 CTL/95S”;”17:57:00″;”18:27:02″
    “1R 1802 CTL/95S”;”19:12:00″;”18:30:37″
    “1R 1719+ CTL/95S”;”18:28:03″;”18:32:27″
    “1R 1659+ CTL/95S”;”18:09:00″;”18:33:02″
    “1R 1713+ CTL/95S”;”18:23:30″;”18:42:37″
    “1R 1725 CTL/95S”;”18:33:00″;”18:50:37″
    “1R 1752 CTL/95S”;”19:00:30″;”19:02:52″
    “1R 1812 CTL/95S”;”19:22:00″;”19:36:02″
    “1R 1830+ CTL/95S”;”19:33:00″;”19:38:02″
    “1R 1840 CTL/95S”;”19:46:00″;”19:52:02″

    Don’t ask me why certain things happened. I’m only a messenger.

  • sbauman

    I answered the question regarding how to obtain the raw data below.

    I believe the amount of data is beyond what an excel spreadsheet can do efficiently.

    8 hours worth of stop time data from 12 noon to 8pm involves 6,222,362 rows of data. That’s with duplicate entries removed.

    You will need a full fledged database.

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    And one last jab: Why can’t someone from the MTA put a sponge on the end of stick and clean the beautiful tile that abounds in our subway system? -over and out.

  • qrt145

    If they did, it would take at least ten years and cost a billion dollars.

  • JarekFA

    “1R 1752 CTL/95S”;”19:00:30″;”19:02:52″
    “1R 1812 CTL/95S”;”19:22:00″;”19:36:02″
    “1R 1830+ CTL/95S”;”19:33:00″;”19:38:02″

    Interesting. I caught an R at 19:18, which isn’t listed at all, but that makes sense as that train wasn’t showing up on the countdown clocks or apps.

  • Vooch

    LOL – they power wash the floors every single night. You’d never guess it by how filthy they are

  • Vooch

    My bike left on time today

  • Vooch

    Just wait until they get free pass for the congestion charge

  • sbauman

    caught an R at 19:18, which isn’t listed at all, but that makes sense as that train wasn’t showing up on the countdown clocks or apps.

    At least developers are subject to the same problematic feed that the countdown clocks get.

  • Joe R.

    That’s really the larger problem, namely the fact NYers have a well-deserved world-wide reputation for being slobs.

  • Vooch

    chewing gum