Today’s Headlines

  • Straphangers Demand a Better Bus Component in L Shutdown Plan (NY1, AMNY)
  • Good Luck Recharging Your MetroCard This Weekend (AMNYPost)
  • Reality Interferes With Cuomo’s Long Island Hockey Train (Voice)
  • Malloy Wants Tolls and a Gas Tax Hike to Pay for CT Roads and Transit (Post)
  • The President Has No Use for Most Pressing Infrastructure Project in the Northeast (AP)
  • Eric Adams: It Should Be Manslaughter When an Unlicensed Driver Kills Someone (BK Paper)
  • Related: Joe Lentol Blocks “Unfair” Bill to Bolster Penalties, Says “Accidents Happen” (Post)
  • Related: Family of Kevin Flores Infuriated by Minor Charges From Eric Gonzalez (Post)
  • Livery Drivers Attack TLC Inspectors in the Bronx (Post)
  • Apartments to Replace Parking at Boerum Hill Public Housing Complex (BK Paper)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “The federal government typically provides 80 percent of the funding for capital expenditures on highways, with state and local governments coming up with the rest. On transit projects, the federal share typically ranges from 50 percent to 80 percent, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.”

    Or 20 to 30 percent for New York.

    “Half his proposed federal money would go toward competitive grants for a wide range of infrastructure, including various transportation modes, hydropower, and drinking and wastewater facilities. But the federal grants would cover no more than 20 percent of project costs while requiring applicants to commit to “new, non-federal revenue.”

    I’ll say it again. Do we really want Senator Schumer to agree to screw cities in order to keep the federal fingers in the pie? Trump wants to have the federal government impose rules and dictate terms in exchange for 20 percent of the money?

    How about this for a gambit? Federal share — ZERO. And ditch those federal regulations, except for basic safety. Have the feds run Amtrak and air traffic control. Let the states toll the internet, subject only to restrictions to prevent the tolls from constituting an unconstitutional “internal tarriff.”

    Enough is enough. NYC has been begging for a shrinking share of its own money for decades. You pay for yours, we’ll pay for ours, and we’ll cut out the middle man in Washington. NY would have to confront its own graft, privileges, entitlements and outright thievery, and the Red States would have to confront their anti-tax idiocy.

  • Vooch

    wait until the wailing and breast beating when the Trump base finally realizes his infrastructure plan will consist of tolls everywhere and a freezing frenzy of graft.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Tolls everywhere, perhaps — and that’s fine.

    A feeding frenzy of graft compared with what we have now?

  • Vooch

    wait until Blackstone & Goldman are in on the Infrastructure public-private partnership – you ain‘t seen graft like this . That flyover will be costing $10 billion in the new era.

    Tolls are a wonderful thing

    Why do you think Cuomo is angling to create a mega public corporation merging a bunch of unaccountable agencies ? Cumo wants his share of the loot when he leaves public service.

  • Elizabeth F

    CT had toll free highways and one of the highest gas taxes in the nation; until gas hit $4/gal, then they lowered it “to save motorists money.” At the time, nobody thought about how they were going to keep paying for the roads. Gas has since gone down but the tax has not gone back up, and now the state’s transportation funds are running low. No surprise…

    The argument for gas tax is it’s simple and everyone pays. The argument for tolls is to get visitors from NY and NJ to pay.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Either way, one generation didn’t pay, let the infrastructure collapse and the pension system become radically underfunded, and died or moved to Florida.

    Anyone who lives there now will be stuck making up for that. Mallloy was the clueless, pandering pol who was in office when the music stopped.

    My suggestion for Connecticut is the same as my suggestion for New Jersey, New York, and everywhere else.

  • Flavanation

    Connecticut bears the brunt of all the weekenders who drive between New York and Boston. Even when gas prices were high back in 2013, driving NB on the Merritt Parkway on a Friday afternoon was a nightmare. The Massachusetts turnpike is already tolled, there is no reason that Connecticut couldn’t go ahead and toll all those out of-staters who pass through on their roads. CT drivers already pay when they drive to other states.

  • Ken Dodd

    “Livery Drivers Attack TLC Inspectors in the Bronx” – I think that pretty much sums up the problem with livery drivers. Aggressive, violent, no respect for rules or regulations and certainly no respect for the law. I wonder if we’ll here about these bozos having their cab licenses taken away. I guess there’s a good chance of that seeing as how they attacked TLC inspectors and not us insignificant members of the public.

  • HamTech87

    With EVs on the way, we’re going to need a better mechanism than a gas tax in the future.

  • HamTech87

    I hope someone does a cost/benefit analysis for “keeping” the Islanders. What a disastrous money hole this is going to be, and it will just incentivize more driving. Let’s add this to the list along with the LGA slower-than-bus Airtrain. Cuomo really knows squat about transportation, but he knows a lot about spending money on new projects.

  • ddartley

    Lentol’s statements (and I gotta say they’re not all 100% wrong) are yet another reason I think it would be better for any new legislation dealing with this issue to focus more on *companies* who allow suspended drivers to drive, than on individual drivers.

  • AnoNYC
  • AnoNYC

    And unlike fully autonomous automobiles, “affordable” EVs are right around the corner and will be preferred within 10 years.

  • JarekFA

    Well there is an answer and this would also assist many of “downtrodden” and deindustrialized old CT cities as well: Massive amounts of immigration. That’s it. Immigrants work. Pay taxes. Consume less social services. And wouldn’t care if an area lacks amenities as it’s cheaper housing for them and then — voila, small businesses, the immigrants generate demand for amenities and you have a virtuous circle.

    OR — we can restrict immigration levels by 80% and limit it to just White people and watch as our aggregate pensions/retirement deficiencies explode even more then presently projected.