Today’s Headlines

  • Expect Weather to Complicate Your Commute Today, Unless You’re Driving (NY1)
  • Cuomo Mostly Gets a Pass for Cagey SOTS: NYT; Politico 1, 2; C&S; News 12; WNYC
  • News Lays Into Governor Hard Hat for Barely Mentioning Transit Crisis; Also: NY1, Voice
  • Meanwhile, the Times Devoted Ink to the Red Hook Subway Distraction
  • De Blasio Still Region’s Lone Sentient Being With No Knowledge of Move NY (Politico)
  • Corey Johnson Officially Elected Council Speaker (NYT 1, 2; Politico; News)
  • Subway Clocks: Useless When They Don’t Work or Straphangers Can’t See Them (Post)
  • Former Cuomo Adviser Howard Glaser Has Thoughts on NYC Traffic (News)
  • Motorists Keep Running Over DOT Posts Meant to Slow Turns at Deadly UWS Crossing (Rag)
  • How Did the Unlicensed Driver Who Killed Adrian Blanc Get a Rental Car? (News)
  • Imagine the TEA Brave Enough to Ticket This NYPD Psychopath (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    This is what is must have been like to live in NYC from 1972 to 1974.

    Everyone in power knows they have pillaged the future of NYC, NY State (and this time the federal government). There will be a vast reduction in the standard of living (through taxes) and quality of life before it turns around (and this time the quantity of life too).

    But with all that something for nothing propaganda, and the entitlement of the richest generations in U.S. history, any move to solve to problem, or even limit the damage, would be met with opportunistic opposition and a doomed career.

    So the play is to cover things up, promise BS that will never happen, and hope to cash in before the wolf reaches the door. All over the country. I’m sure the same stuff is happening over in New Jersey.

  • Guest

    Also this ProPublica investigation of the menace the private garbage collection industry poses to its workers and the public (primary focus is on workers):

  • Larry Littlefield

    At the same time, the NYC Department of Sanitation picks up less garbage per worker than just about any public garbage collection agency in the country, despite having just about the highest pay.
    This really shows what NY is about: the privileges of those on the inside, the abuse of the serfs on the outside.

  • Simon Phearson

    Morning commute was obliterated by a fire on the E train. While no one expects (any more) the MTA to operate efficiently on a day like this, it would be nice if they could take a break from their usual BS when the system’s already under strain. But, nah.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “It would be nice if they could take a break from their usual BS when the system’s already under strain.”

    On one of two lines that run entirely underground.

  • Joe R.

    Suddenly it’s the ’70s again. Welcome to my typical commutes to high school where it was something every other day (i.e. mechanical malfunction, track fire, sick passenger, etc.). Even when the trains did run, half the time some of the doors or lights weren’t working.

  • Joe R.

    Weather like this makes me wish sidewalk snow removal was a municipal responsibility. At least it wasn’t that cold, so I was able to shovel with just a light sweater on. The polar temps are coming this weekend.