Today’s Headlines

  • Truck Driver Kills Delivery Cyclist in Maspeth and Gets a Preemptive Defense From NYPD (News)
  • Man Struck By NYPD SUV Driver Sues City for Lying in Police Report (News)
  • Senate Dems Urge Cuomo to Enact “Fair and Sustainable” Revenue Source for MTA (News)
  • Sorry, Gateway — Trump Admin Making Up Rules for Federal Transit Funding on the Fly (Crain’s)
  • De Blasio Kills Bill to Expand Street Vendor Permits (Crain’s, Post, News)
  • MTA Adds Newer, Longer Subway Cars to the C Train (Post, AMNY)
  • Carol Kellerman: We Need a Full Accounting of What It Will Take to Fix the Subways (Crain’s)
  • Shuttering All Overnight Subway Service vs. Temporary Line-By-Line Closures (WNYC)
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s Rally Against the Mayor’s E-Bike Crackdown (AMNY, WNYC)
  • Times Square Motor Rampager Richard Rojas Pleads Insanity (Post)
  • Joe Addabbo, Anti-Transit Parking-Obsessed Micromanager (TL)

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  • AnoNYC

    The TL is one of the most backwards local news media outlets in NYC. Their criticisms of Select Bus Service need to stop already. They never offer any objective data and push an anti-transit agenda.

    And where does Addabbo think the DOT could add additional parking? There is no room, which is why the spaces have been removed. Public transportation and pedestrian safety initiatives should always have priority over private vehicles, and that’s that.

  • AnoNYC

    And the subway has lost ridership off peak during weekdays and on the weekends, not peak hours. It likely has something to do with frequency and a lack of express service. Why wait for the subway for 20 minutes late at night when an app based car service will get you home in the same time in a shared ride?

    Make it 5 minutes and add express or skip minor stops and ridership will grow.

  • Fool

    ref: Gateway The funding committed by NYS, NJ, PANYNJ, would be enough if it was just a design-build contract without any of the “Buy American” required by federal monies (welcome Spanish tunnelers!). Get even cheaper if the state dropped the union work rules requirement.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Heastie’s view — we should pass yet another $millionaire’s tax (no one seems to mention one was already passed and made permanent) for the MTA.

    And then not use it for the MTA.

  • Ken Dodd

    “Man Struck By NYPD SUV Driver Sues City for Lying in Police Report” — what are the penalties for lying in a police report? Can we follow up on what disciplinary action – if any – is taken against this lying officer, and whether or not his lies will go down on record? Future victims of his lies obviously have a right to know about his history of telling porkies.

  • NYCyclist

    NYPD: “Investigators said it’s possible the truck driver didn’t notice hitting anyone”

    NYPD, if they cared: “Investigators said it’s possible the truck driver did notice hitting someone but kept driving anyway.”

  • bolwerk

    Why wait for the subway for 20 minutes late at night when an app based
    car service will get you home in the same time in a shared ride?

    A not uncommon reason is that you can afford the subway fare, but not the car service fare.

    A sane long-term answer should be shorter automated trains though.

  • Vooch

    my bike always leaves and arrives on time

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Weird. My bike has a tendency to wander off to bars and pizza joints before it takes me home.

  • Vooch

    hopefully only those places with charming company

  • Fool

    Or subsidized cab fairs.

  • AnoNYC

    Oh I agree but there are a lot of people willing to pay extra to make it to their destination substantially quicker.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Lots of people who can’t afford/won’t pay an Uber/Lyft fare for themselves to work every day.

    Will split an Uber/Lyft fare with two other people during an occasional recreational weekend trip. Including people I know.

    A splurge every now and then isn’t a big deal to those who aren’t ideological about transportation.

  • bolwerk

    Anybody who’s not ideological about transportation isn’t paying attention.

    Regardless, the economics of Uber/Lyft as a replacement for subway service at night just don’t work for travelers.