Today’s Headlines

  • Golden Paid $750K to Estate of Woman He Fatally Injured With His SUV (News)
  • Cuomo and Christie Reach Gateway Deal, For What It’s Worth (Politico)
  • Christie’s Parting Gift to Transit Commuters: A Proposed Fare Hike (Politico)
  • Nobody Likes the DOT L Train Plan (NYT, VoiceNews, Post, AMNY, Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA Board Talks Value Capture, and Jim Dwyer Is Into It (NYT)
  • Proposed NYPD Transparency Rules Would Not Cover Traffic Stops (News)
  • County Bosses Resume Rightful Spots as Council Speaker Kingmakers (Politico)
  • Cuomo’s Miracle on the Hudson Really Just a Highway Bridge (LoHud)
  • Daily News Reporter Arrested on a Slew of Driving-Related Charges (Post)
  • Advance: Sentient Sedan Strikes Senior Outside School, Remains on Scene
  • But Was the Tunnel Wearing Hi-Viz? (Post)

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  • Vooch

    marty golden also has been collecting a “disability” pension since 1983. likely a bogus claim

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m not sure of that, if he retired on disability at age 33 as you said yesterday. That would be 3/4 of a much lower pension amount, because of fewer years of service.

    The disability fraudsters generally work until they’ve earned a full pension after 20 years, working massive overtime in the last year to pump up their pension, and then suddenly discover a disability.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “In New York, Cuomo budget director Robert Mujica Jr. said in a letter on Thursday the state would cover its $1.75 billion share using general fund revenue, paying back low-interest federal loans over 35 years. The cost would average about $50 million annually, not counting fees and interest on the loans, which Mujica said the state would “recoup” through “new infrastructure revenues and offsets.”

    Money taken from NYCT.

    As for “value capture,” a lot of the new buildings being built had 25-year property tax exemptions, or more. Future buildings will have a 35-year abatement — if they pay union wages (actually underfunded union pensions) and provide affordable housing. The “value” has been taken for those things.

    The future residents of those buildings will have to be provided with public services, including mass transit, paid for by everyone else for 35 years.

    The man who brought back 421a is Cuomo. The man who wanted it increased from 25 years to 35 years is DeBlasio.

    The only “value capture” I could imagine is having the city agree to use the property tax money that starts getting collected form buildings built 25 years ago to improve mass transit. That would start out as very little, but rise quickly starting in 2025.

  • Vooch

    good counterpoint – it just needs a enterprising reporter to ferret this out. I am going to bet Marty’s disability retirement from the NYPD at age 33 is a bogus claim.

  • ortcutt

    People really need to look at waste inside PANYNJ. For 2018, PANYNJ projects $1.68 billion in toll revenue from their crossings. Even if we consider funds going to Bridge Maintenance/Replacement, and PATH operating subsidies, PANYNJ should be able to contribute more than they are committing over the life of the project.

  • qrt145

    Loved the Hi-Viz tunnel headline!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Like everywhere else, all the PANYNJ money is going to debts and pensions. I’m surprised they have any borrowing capacity left.

    Rebuilding the WTC didn’t help. Neither did keeping PA tolls and PATH fares far below TBTA tolls and subway fares for a decade or more.

    The PA actually employs very few people other than those on the PATH. Everything else is contracted out.

  • Ken Dodd

    RE: Marty Golden’s six-figure payout for the woman he killed:

    “…she agreed to the amount because there were allegations that the 74-year-old was crossing the street against the light when Golden struck her.”

    So there you have it. Allegations. It usually takes a civil suit for the truth to come out. Evidently the NYPD’s “determination” that she crossed against the light (almost certainly based on nothing more than Golden’s word) didn’t hold sway in court.

    I’d really like to know more about this incident. Did the NYPD make any attempt to seek out camera footage from nearby buildings? Did an independent witness testify that she crossed against the light? What were the names of the officers involved in the “investigation” and the writing of accident reports – are they credible, and have they ever been accused of or linked to any kind of police corruption? Have they ever been accused of fabricating evidence or falsifying reports? Were any forensics performed on the vehicle to determine if Golden was speeding, and were Mrs Zafiropoulos’s injuries consistent with being hit by a car that was traveling within the speed limit?

  • Joe R.

    Given some of his bizarre views, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went out for some type of mental disability.

  • redbike

    re the “…idiot / bonehead trucker…”, dunno about the trucker’s literacy, but here’s the Sidney Harbour Tunnel’s solution:

  • Larry Littlefield

    While New Jersey doesn’t have money for the tunnel…

    Just like New York.

  • AnoNYC

    Guess they’ll have to close the tunnel now that a driver crashed into it.

  • Driver

    I’m skeptical of the DN story about Golden paying out 750K. Someone who can afford to pay out 750K usually carries enough insurance coverage to protect their assets.

  • JarekFA

    Did it say it was out of pocket and not from insurance?

  • JarekFA

    So how do they have such massive pension liabilities? Did they historically have a large in raw numbers employed work force?

  • JarekFA

    3/4 as in he’d be making 75% of the maximum? or 3/4 in reduction meaning he’d be getting 25% of the maximum?

  • Larry Littlefield

    NYC police officers and firefighters are entitled to a pension of 50 percent of their final year’s pay, including overtime, after 20 years of work. And much lower pensions if they work fewer than 20 years.

    A disability pension bumps that up to 75 percent of final years’ pay after 20 years. But if Golden left after, say, 12 years on the force, he’d be earning far less and have fewer years of service. So he might not end up with a pension worth more than if the just worked 20 years, and got a regular pension. It might be less. That’s why most fraud probably happens at around 20 years.

    The only way I could imagine fraud being possible is if he wanted to leave the force anyway, and used a scam to increase his pension. But given the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” compensation policy of the NYPD and PBA, it is very rare for police officers to leave before qualifying. A huge share of your total compensation is in the last few years on the job, and after. Virtually not of it is for actually working.

  • Driver

    “State Sen. Marty Golden’s driving has taken a toll — on his wallet.

    The Bay Ridge pol — who was accused this week of pretending to be a cop
    during a traffic dust-up with a bicyclist — paid $750,000 to settle a
    lawsuit brought by the estate of a Brooklyn pedestrian whom he hit with
    his SUV in 2005.”

  • Joe R.

    All very true. I never understood why all the money to rebuild the WTC, particularly when the replacement is an f-ing ugly monument to terrorism with no windows on the bottom floors. As far as I’m concerned the site is a graveyard. It should have remained as is forever. The wrecked building might have been a vivid reminder of the end results of America’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels, and our interference in parts of the world where we don’t belong to satisfy that appetite.