Today’s Headlines

  • Port Authority and Connected Subway Stations on Lockdown After Underground Explosion (News, Post)
  • MTA’s New Batch of Bombardier Subway Trains Won’t Stop Breaking Down (News)
  • If GOP Passes Federal Tax Bill, Heastie May Scuttle Millionaire’s Tax in New York (News)
  • Andy Byford Will Be Living His Best Life as Head of New York City Transit (AMNY)
  • NYC DOT: Without BQE Repairs, Trucks Will Have to Take Local Downtown Brooklyn Streets (Post)
  • TransAlt Kicks Off Campaign for Fourth Phase of Queens Boulevard Redesign (Queens Trib)
  • City Hall Has Sold Pieces of Nine Streets to Developers in the Past Four Years (Post)
  • Speeding Drivers Terrorize Residents of 72nd Avenue in Forest Hills (QChron)
  • Bar Brawl Morphs Into Vehicular Assault in Jamaica (News)
  • How Many People Would Ride a Ferry to LaGuardia? (QChron)
  • Tour the MTA’s Next-Gen Subway Car Prototype With WNYC

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So there wont’ be a $millionaire’s tax? Actually, there already is.

    Just as the executive/financial class likes to pretend that the only people hurt when it demands more tax decreases are the poor and minorities, so the political/union class likes to pretend that the only people hurt by all those past retroactive pension increases are the rich.

    Lie, and lie.

  • And still the two-way bike lane on Clinton Street between Grand Street and East Broadway is missing following the re-paving, and cars are parked in its place. Will it ever be returned?

  • Vooch

    Speeding Drivers Terrorize Residents of 72nd Avenue in Forest Hills

    Very good use of language .

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Probably in the spring at this point.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I took the Brooklyn Bridge in today, on the grounds that it was more likely to be free of ice. It was clear.

    Did anyone take the Manhattan Bridge?

  • DOT re-striping season is almost (already?) over. Hard to say, but this is just unacceptable.

  • I’ll see it on the way home.

    Coming in I take the Williamsburg Bridge; and there was no ice up there. But one section was wet and even a little puddly.

  • ortcutt

    Every time a “These brand new Xs keep breaking” story comes out, someone should familiarize reporters with the Bathtub Curve. Every sufficiently complex system has early failures. That’s the entire point of the shakeout process.

  • Joe R.

    Exactly right. I’m not concerned about the kinks being found in the R179s during acceptance testing. I’d rather they be found now, and corrected, than after the MTA owns 300 lemons. Obviously, if Bombardier can’t fix things to the MTA’s satisfaction, the contract should go to someone else.

    As an electronics engineer, I’d say 90% of what I designed didn’t work flawlessly from day one. There were always (usually minor) issues which needed to be corrected. The fact something tests fine on a lab bench doesn’t mean it’ll work perfectly in the field. Often it’s a simple matter of changing your test procedure to match the actual operating conditions, then tweaking the device to work under those conditions. That said, I do believe in ongoing improvements. Even when I have something working 100%, I’ll add improvements on future board iterations. Those might reduce cost or improve reliability (reducing parts count goes a long way in that department).