Today’s Headlines

  • Lhota: Lousy Service Not to Blame for Subway Ridership Drop (Politico, NYT, WNYC)
  • MTA Predicts $643M Budget Hole — Or $1.7B Without Fare Hikes (AMNYNews, NY1)
  • Amtrak Penn Station Track Work Will Resume in January (Politico)
  • Greenway Managers Ignored Years of Motorist Incursions Prior to Halloween Attack (Post)
  • Adrian Blanc, Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in Union Square, Has Died (NewsPostABC)
  • Council Transportation Committee Approves Hit-and-Run Alert Bill (AMNY)
  • Unlicensed Dump Truck Driver Maims LES Cyclist — Cops Blame Victim (News, ABC)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post, News)
  • Bob Holden Ousts Liz Crowley by 137 Votes (News)
  • Who’s Ready for Albany 2018? (NYT, WNYC)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So there you have it. What will we get for higher tolls via congestion pricing, or higher taxes, or cuts to other public services to free up money for the MTA?

    In the wake of 30 years of Generation Greed policies, that is the wrong question. What will we lose, to make up for what has been taken?

    The media refuses to address this aspect of what has happened. Take the Senate Republican tax plan, for example. It will “cut taxes for the middle class” now, but increase them to higher than before in 2025.

    Party now, pay for it later? Certainly has been the M.O. for decades. Many people have certainly done that to themselves, with high personal debts and inadequate retirement savings.

    But doing so through the public sector is different. With the first of Generation Greed some people dying off, and the last of Generation Greed retiring and having their income drop, by 2025, THEY WON”T BE THE ONES PAYING FOR IT. Only those coming after. And, of course, those entering the labor force after 2025 get none of the benefits. NO ONE will point that out.

    “At some point we’ll have $10 fares and $50 tolls and that’s probably not sustainable,” MTA board member and rider advocate Andrew Albert said. “I really hope we can all agree and get behind a new sustainable funding source so all of this is not on the backs of our riders.”

    It never was sustainable Albert. Your generation got a great deal. And on matter whose backs it will be on, your generation will not be paying it.

  • JTP Choons

    “Adrian Blanc, Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in Union Square, Has Died ” — note how the NYPD has, as is typical, only released one piece of grainy security camera footage which will no doubt prove useless in identifying the vehicle. Meanwhile, the driver was likely to have sped away up Park Avenue and was captured by any number of closer, clearer cameras on his or her journey uptown. Does anyone believe the NYPD has actually canvassed every building in that area for footage of the car, or is this another one of those times when it will be up to some member of the public to hunt out the footage themselves, as was the case when the cyclist was rear ended deliberately on 2nd Avenue a few weeks ago?

  • bolwerk

    Re Holden/Crowley, I guess one of the few places that saw an actual right-wing backlash from ethnic whites this year had to be New York City. Awesome.

  • Larry Littlefield

    When I compiled the characteristics of NYC council members and legislators, Crowley was one of the few who previously had a regular job for serfs.

    On the other hand she was part of the Queens machine.

  • AnoNYC

    On the ridership decline:

    These articles don’t state that for the most part; the Bronx, Queens and SI have stable bus ridership numbers over several years. Brooklyn and Manhattan are seeing big declines.

    I largely blame surface congestion. Who wants to wait for a bus that will be stuck in traffic? Frequency off peak is the other issue.

    We need congestion pricing and more [enforced or protected] bus only lanes.

    As for subways, ridership seems to be down off peak.

    Who wants to wait 20 minutes for a late night local train when you can take a cab or bike? And then there are those construction closures.

  • mfs

    Working for The Man? What is this, New Jack City?

  • Brian Howald

    If we could get phone alerts every time a hit-and-run driver killed or injured someone, I think that’d be a big step in raising awareness how often it happens.

    There are 11 hit-and-run crashes with injuries a day in this city. I think a phone alert every 2 hours for a week would piss a lot of people off, to the point we’d have to ask where they’ve been all this time?

  • JTP Choons

    It’s a violent crime epidemic that not a single politician or police chief ever says a single word about. Apparently the “knockout game” warrants pages and pages of newspaper articles and statements from the authorities, but killing people with your car and speeding away from the scene is not worthy of anyone’s attention.

  • JTP Choons

    Re: the dump truck hitting the cyclist. I posted this earlier with a link outlining the company’s mob ties, but Disqus detected it as spam and removed it. Still, you can Google the company involved and confirm for yourself that they have mob ties.

    “Investigators believe she may have been going the wrong way down Ridge, which is a one-way street, based on where she was struck, sources said.” — the arrogant, bone headed stupidity and dishonesty of the NYPD just gets worse and worse in stories like this. Based on where she was struck? So the location of the collision is supposed to be some kind of clue as to the direction she was headed? And they’re placing their bets on the fault of a registered nurse over some scumbag unlicensed truck driver who has already shown a depraved indifference to human life by driving on a license that was no doubt suspended for some other act of reckless driving?
    A far more likely scenario would be that the unlicensed, criminal driver of a truck belonging to a company with mob ties was driving that truck recklessly through narrow, residential streets which are wholly unsuited to that kind of vehicle, and he blew a red light into the path of a hard working nurse returning home after an exhausting shift of treating sick people and saving lives.
    I have no hope that the NYPD will ever become a fully functional, professional police department. It’s just not going to happen.

  • Driver

    “The surveillance video shows a
    dark-colored 2016 Jeep Renegade heading east on E. 14th St. then turning
    left onto Union Square East and running over Blanc just before 1 a.m.
    Tuesday. The Brooklyn resident was walking within the crosswalk, cops

    What cops did not mention is that left turns are prohibited at this intersection except for MTA buses.

  • JTP Choons

    It was a Zip car and has been recovered. They still haven’t got the animal yet though.

  • Brian Howald

    The problem I spend a lot of time thinking about is why I can’t convince the friends who know me best that this is a serious issue whose gravity they downplay every time I mention it.

    If you consider yourself a socially conscious person, but don’t see this as a social justice issue, then you have an enormous blind spot.

  • More like “…then you are part of the problem”. These clearly are people whose sympathies, upon hearing about a someone getting run over by a car, would lie primarily with the driver.

    The internalised assumption is that the pedestrian has the obligation to get out of the way. This is part of the sociopathy that is an inherent part of the mindset of a driver.

  • Brian Howald

    > These clearly are people whose sympathies, upon hearing about a someone getting run over by a car, would lie primarily with the driver.

    I don’t think that’s true. I think that there are people who hear what we say, respond with a driver’s perspective, then when challenged about that perspective, are open to the idea that this perspective colors their perceptions extremely, but who aren’t willing to accept that this issue is a social justice issue.

    More like, “yes, drivers are running over people, and the local media eats up the driver-focused narrative, and I feel for the victims, but I am not morally obligated to state a position as I would feel compelled to do if I thought this was an issue of widespread discrimination by society and government.”