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  • Vooch

    its high time the NYPD ‘broken window ‘crime stats include traffic violence. The local brass is held accountable for their area.

    might induce a cultural change

  • sbauman

    The devil is in the details regarding the “new, improved and rider experience enriched” subway dashboard statistics.

    Consider the excess platform wait times. Will the calculation be train based or time based? There’s a big difference that can show the MTA how to game the system.

    Let’s assume that trains are scheduled every 2 minutes and that 15 trains are spot on time for 30 minutes. Then there’s a 30 minute gap until the next train. What’s the calculation for the average platform wait time?

    For a train based average: it’s 15 trains at 0 excess wait time and 1 train at 30 minutes excess wait time. That averages out to 30/16 or 1.875 minutes excess platform wait time. Doesn’t sound too bad.

    For a clock based average: it’s 30 minutes at 0 excess wait time and 30 minutes at 30 minutes excess wait time. That averages out to 15 minutes excess platform wait time. That’s a figure that indicates a serious problem.

    An alarming number of scheduled trains never depart. They were not included in the on time performance metric. This loophole provided the MTA a convenient way to hide one cause of its problems.

  • HamTech87

    Those LinkNYC screens should include real-time data for ALL active transportation modes, just like Transit Screen does in other places. The one in my favorite Arlington, VA’s Java Shack shows the nearby Metro and Bus stops, and the number of bikes and open docks at the nearby CaBi bikeshare stations. This knowledge takes some of the stress out of one’s day, and allows me time to relax and sip my beverage in the cafe instead of standing at a transit stop.

  • Larry Littlefield

    My bike left on time this morning.

    Back in the day, if you lived near the F in Brooklyn and wanted to get to work, you had to try to get there by 8 am. The rush hour got worse and worse as it went along.
    I think we are back to that now.

  • qrt145

    This morning, for the first time since May, I didn’t see any NYPD vehicles parked on the Times Square bike lane! The block between 46th and 45th is still full of Jersey barriers, though.

  • Reader

    In a sane world Cuomo would be run out of New York State for wasting money on those towers while the subway crumbles beneath us. Riders should be rioting and our mayor should be pitching a fit.

    Then again, in a sane world our leaders never have let the subway crumble.

  • walks bikes drives

    Cab driver on UES was apparently arrested on unrelated charges.

  • MatthewEH

    It’s been pretty decent the last couple of months. Except for the Jersey barrier block, yeah.

  • Vooch

    “My Bike left on time this morning”


  • AMH

    From Politico: “If Related were to build decking over the west side of the yards before the [Gateway] encasement is finished, the tunnel’s completion would become virtually impossible.”

    Is this even a possibility? There is no way any encroachment on the Gateway ROW should be remotely legal at this point. It would be nothing short of catastrophic.

  • Anonymous

    Technically neither, but closer to clock based because the calculations are weighed by the number of passengers. The longer the gap between trains, the more passengers arrive at the platform. Hence larger gaps have proportionally larger wait times in aggregate.

    Trains that never depart are “abandoned” and are included in the OTP metric as such. OTP is calculated as (scheduled trains – late trains – abandonments)/scheduled trains * 100%.

  • Eli

    One of my coworkers noticed mistakes in the Existing & Proposed conditions (we work right off this street).

    So he made a corrected version. Can we get NYCDOT to update?

  • sbauman

    Trains that never depart are “abandoned” and are included in the OTP metric as such. OTP is calculated as (scheduled trains – late trains – abandonments)/scheduled trains * 100%.

    It’s not that simple. There are two schedules.

    There’s the static schedule that’s published several times per year. That’s the one that’s the basis for the printed schedules and pdf images you can download from the MTA website.

    There’s also a real time schedule that isn’t published until 30 minutes before a trip’s scheduled departure. That’s the schedule that’s used by the countdown clocks and used as the basis for calculating OTP. It’s possible that a trip is on the static schedule but never appears on the real time schedule. The reverse is also possible but much less likely. About 5% of the peak period trips that appear on the static schedule never appear on the real time schedule. Thus, they are technically not abandoned. A train has to appear on the real time schedule before it can be abandoned.

  • Larry Littlefield

    To be fair, a lot of money has been spent on transit decorations too.