Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Primary Day — Read Up and Vote (Gothamist, Politico, VoiceGotham Gazette)
  • Reality Overtakes Cuomo’s Carefully Constructed Image as a Builder (Politico)
  • DOT Let Car Traffic Back in Prospect Park Even Though No One Asked for It (Patch, AMNY, BK Paper)
  • Turning Truck Driver Runs Over Woman on Citi Bike on 30th Street and 7th Ave (DNA)
  • Q31 Bus Driver Critically Injures Delivery Worker on Scooter Outside Citi Field (NewsPost)
  • Cabbie Runs Red in Midtown, Smashing Eight Cars and Injuring Six People (News)
  • Road Raging Livery Driver Assaults Furniture Delivery Man With a Bat (News)
  • Neighbors Painted Mental Speedbumps in This Park Slope Crosswalk (Gothamist)
  • Ydanis Weighing Legislation to Protect Large Bike Rides (Post)
  • The City Made the TA Century Tough on People Who Rode All 100 Miles (Bklyner)

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  • Vooch

    Remarkable in this day and age, the DOT encourages private cars in Prospect Park.

    This decision illuminates just how much more we need to “educate”

  • While the Summer Streets event cannot expand on account of the exorbitant overtime costs arising from an inappropriately excessive police presence, the TransAlt ride suffers from a complete lack of necessary protection by the police. It’s clear that the police department will always find some way to work against bicyclists’ interests.

  • AMH

    I heart Ydanis.

  • Fool

    I think the police department’s interest is in racking up overtime. I doubt they are actively conspiring against the opportunity.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Two points: 1. I hope the woman on the Citibike recovers. However, this should highlight to the NYCDOT that there should be extra bicycle protective infrastructure, especially when a cycling route and a truck route overlap, as is the case with W 30th Street and many other locations throughout the boros.

    2. I rode as a marshal for the TA Century Tour, and people have different opinions, such as the NYPD doesn’t care (yet they were part of the 15 mi police-escorted route). The article mentions to have cops posted at the most precarious intersections (but per Transportation Alternatives, that it is the responsibility of the riding marshals as they approach those segments). Other posts mentioned that there was glass in the 9th Av bike lane in Manhattan. (I rode that thing at 5am, and glass or not, that lane sucks, the street has to be grilled.) Near Marine Park, I found discarded air conditioners and a TV near the bike lane and the more isolated the area, generally the worse/non-existent is the infrastructure. As for that bizarre fence, the obstruction was passable as of 1:30pm and it spanned the whole path, so not even joggers could pass. Yes, I had to walk for 1 out of the 3 MTA bridges, but overall the people were polite, and largely didn’t encounter aggressive drivers or rude cops. I mean I can go on an on, but I encourage anyone who hasn’t at least tried the Century to give it a shot. The cost to ride is tax-deductible, it goes to a non-profit, and if you really don’t want to pay, the route markings are usually on the street quite a period of time.

  • JarekFA

    I did the kids ride, with my kid in the back (1.4 years old). The police escort was 2 interceptors. It was such a slow ride though, because they didn’t want the group to get too spread out, that we eventually ditched the group and rode our own way to Central Park.

    Would’ve been nice to have a NYPD bike escort.