Today’s Headlines

  • Drunk, Unlicensed Driver Runs Over TA Century Riders Stopped at Traffic Light (GothamistPost)
  • Lindsay Powell, 36, Dies Days After Drunk Driver Struck Her on Bushwick Sidewalk (News)
  • Schumer: Trump Said “Give Me a Few Days” to Decide on Gateway Funding (News)
  • Daily News: Cut Penn South From Gateway Project Plans
  • Individual Cab Medallion Owners Struggle to Stay Afloat in Age of Uber (NYT)
  • Now Bay Ridgites Can Wait for Delayed R Trains in the Spiffy New 53rd Street Station (News)
  • DOT Temporarily Removes Eastern Parkway Ped Islands Each Year for West Indian Day Parade (DNA)
  • Cathy Nolan Complained About On-Street Car-Share Spots in Ridgewood, and DOT Backed Off (QNS)
  • Service Returns to Some M Train Stops as Rehab Work Progresses (QChron)
  • The Week Is Off to a Tremendous Start for L Train Riders (DNA)

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  • Wilfried84

    It looks like Doyers Street in Chinatown has been pedestrianized. Has it been reported here? Is it permanent? It’s not much, but it’s a start. Onward to Pell, and Mott!

  • stairbob

    If 20 of Cathy Nolan’s neighbors buy cars and park them on the street because there’s no convenient car share nearby, who will she write a letter to?

  • Sabina
  • Larry Littlefield

    She seems determined to stay in office until the subway system is back in the 1970s.

  • AMH

    I wonder how many users of the spiffy new 53 Street station know that the historic tilework, mostly covered by a sloppy 1970s renovation, was ripped out for the ‘new’ tile which looks very much like the 1970s tile. The new mosaic is nice, but what I wouldn’t give to have the original ones back.

  • Vooch

    Private Enterprise built the station with the beautiful mosaics, Gov’t did the hideous remodel.

  • newshuman

    It’s sad about the Century Bike ride assault. I did the 100 miles and encountered a handful of clearly purposeful attempts to sabotage the event: from glass shards obviously spread across the 9th ave bike lane to cops who parked their cars in the bike lane and watched us as we cycled past into traffic — there was even a fence erected across the bike lane parallel to the cross island parkway. It forced all the bicyclists onto the highway and clearly served no possible purpose — just pure sabotage. Very dangerous.

  • Simon Phearson

    It would be useful to know more about these attempts. I fear that advocates will prove unwilling to look into it, out of fear of dampening interest in future rides.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So today’s Streetsblog coverage is about actual elections for City Council, with some would-be members actually feeling the need to address the serf’s public policy concerns.

    Don’t forget why it is there are real elections at all. Term limits.

  • AMH

    Terrible–I’ve noticed driver aggression but not this kind of insidious sabotage during these events. Still, it’s enough to make me hesitant to participate.

    I think this attack illustrates why so many cyclists are reluctant to wait at red lights. Besides being inconvenient, it’s dangerous.

  • Joe R.

    Exactly. I was nearly rear-ended once by an out-of-control car while waiting at a red light. Fortunately, I heard the crashing sounds behind me, and managed to pull into the intersection out of the way. The car actually crashed right through where I had been waiting.

    At the time (early 1980s) I was actually pretty religious about red lights. I might pass them occasionally late nights but I usually waited during the day, even if cross traffic was light. The event above was basically when I realized not only was I putting myself at risk, but waiting at lights put me in the thick of traffic once the light turned green. I also noticed almost no other cyclists were doing what I did, so really what was the point? Ever since, I’ve treated reds as yields. Riding this way is much more relaxed. I avoid the “running of the bulls” for lack of a better description. I have the street mostly to myself for a while after passing the light.

    I’m actually surprised something like this happened. I was under the impression the marshalls control the intersections in this event so cyclists don’t need to stop at red lights. To me doing 100 miles is hard enough without stopping. Couldn’t imagine doing it hitting a bunch of red lights. So basically then what are people paying money for here? I thought it was to have clear, safe passage.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I read the driver has been charged with vehicular assault.

    Evidently vehicular assault is illegal is done in broad daylight with lots of witnesses, if the driver stays at the scene and is observed taking a second shot at the victim.

  • Andrew

    Ripped out or merely re-covered? I hope the latter. If the former, Cuomo is pointlessly destroying history.

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    For years and years I’ve wondered what a sponge on a pole and a bucket of soap and water could do while waiting for the D/N?R at Atlantic-Pacific.

  • jt10000

    “I was under the impression the marshalls control the intersections in this event so cyclists don’t need to stop at red lights.”

    Generally not at the TA Century (there is a little bit of such marshaling such as at the start).

    “So basically then what are people paying money for here? ”

    To support TA, see some parts of the city they might not otherwise see, and ride with a bunch of other people. Also, a bit of food and drink.

  • AMH

    Unlike the Tours de Boro rides, the Century ride is entirely unprotected, with traffic. There’s no reason to pay money to register, and anyway I think the rider number is like a target on your back.

  • AMH

    That’s exactly what he’s doing. The station was gutted down to concrete.

    I’ve heard rumors that he’s also tried to destroy/modernize historic LIRR stations but that community opposition saved them.