Today’s Headlines

  • Time for de Blasio to Make Fifth Avenue a Free Assembly Zone (Gothamist, AMNY, VoiceNews, Post)
  • Crain’s Columnist Greg David Has Advice for Toll Reform Advocates
  • The Daily News Snuck a Peek at an Open-Gangway Subway Car Prototype
  • Motorists Store Cars on NYC Streets for Free, But Citi Bike Has to Pay (Post)
  • De Blasio Wants Housing on Site Pledged for Park Land in Yankee Stadium Deal (Voice)
  • Drunk Driver Hits Six People on Bushwick Sidewalk, Is Charged With Assault (DNAWABC)
  • Unlicensed Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Woman Walking Dog in Washington Heights (News)
  • Staten Island Motorist Breaks Leg of 12-Year-Old Riding Bike, Drives Away (DNA)
  • Car Thief Strikes and Injures Action Carting Worker on Lower East Side (DNA)
  • Brown Bike Girl: Next Week’s Primaries “Carry a Lot of Weight” for Cyclists of Color

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  • Vooch

    It is if vital importance that Fifth Avenue from 57th to 34th become car free. Our President’s safety depends on it.

    Let’s help NYs finest protect our President from car bombs.

    A Car free Fifth is the best way to accomplish this worthy goal.

    All New Yorkers will suffer if Fifth is car free, but it is a price we are willing to pay to keep our President safe !

  • vnm

    Meanwhile Richard Brodsky comes back from the dead to once again push his faux-populist argument against toll rationalization. A Chevy driver would pay the same amount as a Maserati driver! No reference to the fact that this is a progressive policy that help transit riders!

  • Larry Littlefield

    NYC Transit was collapsing when yet another bubble was causing real estate transfer taxes to roll in at an unsustainable rate. Now we are in the early stage of bubble deflation, and commercial property sales have fallen by half (so far).

    So have those real estate transfer taxes.

    Game plan? Not one cent of the next “additional revenue source” for the MTA will go to the collapsing capital program. (That’s assuming it even ends up going to the MTA, because “money is fungible.”)

    Generation Greed has realized an injustice. It hasn’t taken EVERYTHING yet.

  • Joe R.

    OK, so maybe to appease people like Brodsky we charge a fee based on income? The Chevy driver might still pay $8 but the Maserati driver might pay $800. Will that make him happy? In fact, I think congestion fees based on income make sense from the perspective of discouraging unnecessary trips. A $8 charge for someone making only $50K could get them to rethink that trip. Not so for the person making $1 million. However, a $200 charge could work.

  • Larry Littlefield

    No, it would not make him happy. It is a “red herring.” Brodsky would turn around and claim that variable fees based on income where unfairly targeted at Westchester to benefit Brooklyn.

    It’s all a game for Generation Greed.

  • com63

    Re Open Gangway mockup, I love that Cuomo recently decided to start using NY State branding on the new buses and it looks like on this new subway car design as well. Let’s the people know who is really in charge of their broken and failing system.

  • AnoNYC

    Mill Pond Park solution. Require a small footprint, no more than 20% of the land area for any new development and build vertically. The rest must become public space.


  • Joe R.

    It’s a pity I wasn’t involved with making the mockup. I can assure you I would have slipped in a bunch of “realistic” announcements pertaining to all sorts of train delay scenarios. If anyone asked, I would say I want the people viewing the mockup to hear realistic “in service” sounds which straphangers have to endure daily:

    “We are being delayed due to train traffic ahead.”
    “We are being held at this station due to a sick passenger.”
    “Please be patient, we are experiencing congestion.”
    “This train is being taken out of service for mechanical problems.”
    “We thank you for your patience.”