Today’s Headlines

  • You Can Totally Trust Chris Christie When He Says NJ Transit’s Not a Patronage Mill (Politico)
  • MTA Operations Execs Scrambling as Directives Come Down From Lhota (News)
  • “Dockless” Bike-Share — the Times Is on It
  • Truck Driver Strikes and Kills Man on Clearview Expressway (QNSTL)
  • EDC Launches Northwest Queens-to-Manhattan Ferry Route (NYTAMNY)
  • De Blasio Still Intrigued By Notion of Tourist-Only Fares to Ride Staten Island Ferry (AMNYNY1)
  • Staten Island Police Charging Kids With Reckless Endangerment for Bike Stunts (Advance)
  • New York Is Going to Miss Julissa Ferreras (News, Post)
  • Commute to Penn Station? WNYC Wants to Hear About Your Summer

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Had a nice day Sunday. A friend and I took our bikes on the subway up to northern Manhattan, walked over the Highbridge, which I hadn’t been on before, rode up to the old Putnam Division right of way up to Odell Avenue in Yonkers, walked over the hill and behind the school to Odell near Warburton, rode down the Old Croton Aqueduct, and then rode down to Arthur Avenue for an early dinner. A great day.

    Except for one thing. Riding over the mess that the Putnam Division ROW is in Van Cortlandt Park, my pedal hooked on an old rail tie and threw me off. Fortunately I wasn’t badly hurt, just a couple of cuts on my legs. Or should I say unfortunately I wasn’t badly hurt, in the opinion of Riverdale Community District 8 (they don’t admit they are in the Bronx).

    As we took that wonderful ride through Yonkers, along with many, many other people on bikes, walking, running, on skateboards, etc. I explained to my stunned friend that this is what they are fighting against.

  • Larry Littlefield

    FYI, I can imagine what’s going on at NYCT right now.

    Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! Uh, never mind.

    Been there and seen it.