Today’s Headlines

  • Unlicensed Driver Kills Man, 36, Crossing Seagirt Boulevard in Far Rockaway (News)
  • VC-Funded Bike-Share Outfit Spin Prepping for Rogue Launch in NYC Next Week (Post)
  • Andrew Cuomo Has Refined the Craft of Appearing to Do Something About the Subways (Post)
  • Congestion Pricing Works Wonders. Why Doesn’t New York Have It? (NYT)
  • Man on Tracks Delayed 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Trains Yesterday Morning — No One Hurt (AMNY)
  • When Was the Last Time NYT Ran an Opinion By Someone Who Lost a Loved One to Reckless Driving?
  • Water Main Work Has Already Narrowed Crescent Street — a Protected Bike Lane Will Fit (TL)
  • Queens Chronicle Asked the 30th District City Council Candidates What They Envision for RBBL
  • MTA Will Keep Testing for Sleep Apnea Even Though Trump Said It’s Not Necessary (Post)
  • Here, Read This Untethered Stream-of-Consciousness About Getting Around NYC (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    There has been a discussion of all the people killed by garbage truck drivers here recently, but what about the reverse?

    Garbage collection is the most dangerous public service job in America at the state and local level because of traffic crashes. If there is no war on, it’s probably more dangerous than being a soldier.

    If they do nothing else, self-driving cars could at least put a stop to this.

  • Joe R.

    Actually self-driven garbage trucks and robotic trash collection workers seems like the best long-term solution. Trash collection is one of those things which easily lends itself completely to automation. Sure, some jobs will disappear but that’s been happening since the 1800s whenever new technology displaces workers.

  • Larry Littlefield

    That might work if you could…

    1) Clear the curb of parked vehicles during garbage pick-up time, perhaps timing it with street sweeping.

    2) Mark spots on the sidewalk where the garbage would be, and have people cooperate enough to put it right there.

    Otherwise, the robots might pick up and throw out your four-year-old.

  • Vooch

    i know a gregore year olds that are good candidates 🙂

  • Fool

    1. Is not an issue at all and the solution is in place in sensible cities that do not suffer from provincialism as NYC does.

    You take out a parking spot and replace it with an enclosed dumpster.

  • Eli

    Cuomo’s inspection brings me flashbacks of Kim Jong-un’s factory visits.

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