Today’s Headlines

  • Truck Driver Kills Teenage Cyclist in Hell’s Kitchen; NYPD Blames Victim (AMNY, News, DNA)
  • Politico: State Lawmakers Prioritize TZB Over MTA; No Speed Cams Yet (@carolinesampo)
  • MTA Suspends Track Workers for Derailment — What Now? (NYT, NewsAMNY)
  • De Blasio Holds Fire (NewsNY1); Straphangers Rally at Cuomo’s Office (AMNY)
  • Cuomo’s MTA Is Literally Putting Lives at Risk (WNYC); Stories From Crashed A: NYT 1, 2
  • Too Bad Richard Brodsky Wasn’t Interested in Funding Transit When He Was in Albany (News)
  • GOP Mayoral Candidate Will Be Safe Streets Skeptic Nicole Malliotakis (@CrainsNewYork, NYT, GG)
  • Placard Reformer de Blasio Won’t Disclose the Names of the Chosen Ones (Post)
  • After Blaming Victim, NYPD Arrests Driver Who Killed Kelly Hurley (Voice, DNA)
  • Motorists Hit Children in Bed-Stuy and Williamsburg (DNANews)
  • Motorcyclist Dies in Williamsburg Bridge Crash (NewsAMNY)
  • Will the Yankees Ever Replace All the Bronx Parkland Seized for Stadium? (NYT)

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  • Vooch

    Notice the new pattern

    I killed him because he ‘ran a red light’ is the new get out of jail free card

  • The entire placard system needs to be redesigned from the ground up. Only one agency, DOT, should be responsible for it and each placard should look exactly the same with a barcode that can be scanned by TEAs.

    De Blasio doesn’t have the guts to do this, of course, but other than eliminating placards entirely there’s no other way to prevent abuse.

  • Vooch

    placards should be entirely eliminated, there is zero reason why any gov’t employee should get different treatment than a regular new yorker.

  • Flakker

    ‘Brodsky and McMahon are suggesting the state redirect at least $4 billion of the remaining funds to create an “Emergency Repair and Maintenance Program” divided between needed New York City transit upgrades and highway and bridge work in the rest of the state.’

    Uh, what? Isn’t McMahon supposed to be a hard-nosed conservative money guy, and he’s signing on to this inane idea of “I dunno, just spend a bunch of money?” Oh, and upstate gets more too – on top of 22 BILLION DOLLARS they just got, for a declining population, while the MTA got what, $1B in actual cash?

  • Funny, the MTA workers were suspended, but Cuomo was not . He is 100% responsible for the lack of maintenance. I hope all the injured will sue him personally.

  • djx

    They should be ticketed like everyone else, and a transparent system should be set up so the cost of the ticket is paid out of their department’s budget. And info on those payments should be visible to the public advocate and others to see if it is being abused.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m afraid that money will be needed elsewhere — to pay back the federal government for Medicaid fraud, mostly outside NYC. Already $808 million has been used for that purpose.

  • Vooch

    Good idea but I honestly believe the corruption is so culturally inbred that no reform is possible

  • stairbob

    I don’t mind if he waits until after his re-election to do this.

  • Toddster

    It needs to be paid personally by the employee. In the end, the employee is choosing to drive and park illegally instead of leaving early with enough time to find a spot (or paying) like everyone else.

    If the department pays it – that money still ultimately comes from the city which comes from taxes which comes from us. They’ll be no incentive to stop. Just lobbying for ever increasing budgets to cover tickets.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Failures of old stuff due to lack of maintenance are bad.

    Failures of new stuff despite maintenance is worse. How do you fix that?

  • Andrew

    What gives you the idea that the derailment was caused by a “lack of maintenance”?

  • Larry Littlefield

    The derailment was caused by maintenance. Again, how do you fix that?

  • Andrew

    You do maintenance in a way that doesn’t cause derailments.