Today’s Headlines

  • Gothamist: Dan Hanegby Crash Video Contradicts NYPD Victim-Blaming
  • What Happens While the 10th Precinct Tickets People on Bikes: DNACBSABC, AMNY
  • Related: Ydanis Bill Would Require More Sidewalk Bollards (AMNY); And: ABC; Advance 1, 2
  • Cuomo and de Blasio Fight Over Who Cares More About the MTA (Politico; News; Post 12)
  • State Senate Passes Bill to Kill the Payroll Mobility Tax (Poughkeepsie Journal)
  • Grandstanding Cuomo Directs MTA to Stop Paying Amtrak for Penn Station (NewsPost)
  • Cuomo’s New Penn Concourse: Nice, But Won’t Make the Trains Run on Time (NYT, Gothamist, MTR)
  • Hudson Yards Isn’t Paying for Itself, Much Less the 7 Line Extension (NYT, AMNY)
  • DiNapoli: MTA Failing to Meet Its Own Standards on Subway Station Repairs (AMNY)
  • Driver Convicted of Manslaughter for Queens Crash That Killed Mother and 2 Kids (DNA)
  • MTA Cop Hits Staten Island Pedestrian — and You’ll Probably Believe What Happens Next (NewsPost)

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  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Cuomo is really the naked Emperor on this Amtrak thing. The MTA is going to shit and he’s trying to lord it over Amtrak for the condition of Penn Station? Is anybody buying this?

  • Fool

    I think there are several factual innacuracies with the Jim Dwyer piece, “Hudson Yards Offered a Pay…”

    -The City has spent waaay more than $723 million on Hudson Yards Development.
    -MTA Revenue from the property did not go to construct the extension, that was entirely a NYC funded project through capital construction.
    -The revenue from the property could never have supported installing a modern signalling system in on the 900 miles of subway rights of way. In a design build contract sure, but not on a NYCT project.

  • stairbob

    Let me guess: The payroll mobility tax is repealed, but car-free residents who rent cars from time to time will still have to pay the extra 5% MTA tax on top of the 6% car rental tax and the 8.875% sales tax (presumably as a special thank you for not using any free on-street parking).

  • djx

    Wow, that MTA cop hitting the pedestrian story in unbelievable. Not the hitting the pedestrian part, or even the dumping him in the lot part, but that he’s been arrested so relatively promptly!

    He’s stupid though. If he’s stayed at the scene and told NYPD the guy ran into his car he’d easily be a free man.

  • HamTech87

    Couldn’t Amtrak just evict the MTA from its tracks for non-payment? If Trump wants to undercut potential 2020 opponent Cuomo, he could use this to highlight MTA’s problems.

  • HamTech87

    I’d love to see a comparison with how Hong Kong’s train companies get revenue from adjacent buildings, or how the Canary Wharf London project finances happened.

  • HamTech87

    Does the NYS Senators who voted for this bill have any idea how the MTA will make up the $1.4Billion/year? Do these Westchester legislators know how expensive MetroNorth tickets already are?

  • bolwerk

    Both those articles seem not very clear to me. It doesn’t seem that $723M counts the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corp’s efforts (funded by TIF bonds?), but are rather direct contributions from the city’s capital plan? Also note:

    These costs are in addition to nearly $360 million the city has spent to subsidize interest costs on the $3 billion in bonds the corporation issued to pay for the project, the report said.

    And it’s kind of cynical to say TIF bonds aren’t public contributions, at the very least from the perspective that they do carry an opportunity cost for the public.

    And the Mike Bloomberg cargo cult has a PSA for you: Bloomberg wasn’t corrupt at all! He was just a non-ideological technocrat doing what was best for New York City!

  • redbike

    | If Trump wants to undercut potential 2020 opponent Cuomo

    How quaint for you to assume the popular vote loser’s long-range planning extends beyond his next tweet….

  • bolwerk

    Probably about as easily as the state could condemn Penn Station. In theory maybe easily, and in practice, doubtfully.

  • bolwerk

    Cuomo is ambitious maybe, but totally uncharismatic and also inept as hell. Just assuming he runs, there’s little reason to think he’d last past the NH Primary.

  • redbike