Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s Already Spending Money on His Backwards LaGuardia AirTrain (News, AMNY, DNA, NY1)
  • After 8 Years of Christie Mismanagement, NJ Governor Candidates Compete on Transit Policy (NYT)
  • First Week of City’s Ferry Service Got as Many Riders as a Single Below-Average Bus Route (AMNY)
  • Joe Ponte Tells City Council He “Misunderstood City’s Vehicle Policy” (Politico)
  • De Blasio: Ponte and Corrections Officials Made Honest Mistake (News); Daily News: Ponte Must Go
  • Study: A Lot of Citi Bike Riders Are Switching From the Bus (CityLab)
  • City Council Considers Bill to Expand Use of All-Way Walk Signals (Post)
  • The East River Esplanade Is Falling Apart (DNA, NY1)
  • Drivers Crash Into Buildings on Upper West Side and in Inwood (Rag, DNA)
  • Errol Louis Welcomes Republicans Who’ll Price NYC Roads (News)

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  • Guest

    He’d be president right now if he’d achieved all his goals, not slouching off stage left at the end of his term in disgrace.

  • Flakker

    EXACTLY. Try actually riding the bus to JFK (excluding the stops on the airport roads for staff). It’s been deliberately ghettoized and does not have a human-sized sidewalk to take the most direct route from a terminal, so most people walk on the raised nub of a sidewalk from the doors at terminal 5 to it rather than go up and around and down. Also the signage for the “correct” route is terrible but that seems more like PANYNJ incompetence than a conspiracy, really

  • Flakker

    in the world where the existing JFK airtrain has its frequency cut to ridiculously low levels at night. We’re not talking about a competent government whose elected officials ride transit, we’re talking about New York, 2017.

  • Joe R.

    I would welcome a sane Republican challenger in the next race for Mayor. The progressive movement’s answer to nearly any problem (except apparently the increasingly unreliable subway) has been to throw more money at it. This policy has been a dismal failure. The taxes necessary to support it are making NYC less competitive. Time to ditch what doesn’t work, fund that which does, and in general make NYC more friendly to entrepreneurs. Small businesses create the bulk of new job growth, not the megacorporations whom NYC’s progressives seem to love to kiss the behinds of. Make small business friendly policies like lower personal NYC income tax rates on those making less than about $250K, getting rid of the stupid Unincorporated Business Tax, recognizing S-corporations for tax purposes, and reducing the amount of regulations on small businesses. Also do everything Malliotakis mentioned, particularly ending the stream of money going to politically connected consultants. And yes, let’s start pricing roads. That in theory should be in keeping with the old-school Republican model of free-market economics.

  • AnoNYC

    Pedestrian safety is focus of City Council bills on crowded sidewalks, dangerous intersections

  • Vooch

    beater bikes

    solve this

  • It would be trivial to operate a bicycle theft insurance program, based on some kind of rear-wheel locking system. Bike stolen? File a report on line, send in the key you still have, and get a voucher for a new bike at a LBS. The authorities could fund the premiums for riders in low-income census tracts.

    Of course, existing renters’ and homeowners’ insurance already covers stolen bicycles. Did you file a claim for your bikes, @reasonableexplanations:disqus?

  • BubbaJoe123

    “Small businesses create the bulk of new job growth, not the megacorporations whom NYC’s progressives seem to love to kiss the behinds of.”

    Actually, businesses with <100 employees only create about 40% of net new jobs.

  • reasonableexplanation

    I had neither insurance at the time.

    Also, I’m not confident that a bicycle theft insurance premium would be affordanble in NYC. See the Kryptonite NY Fugghetaboutit lock ,which will replace your bike if it’s stolen while using said lock, except for nyc and college campuses.

  • reasonableexplanation

    The first bike I ever had stolen was a beater Toys-r-us special. Didn’t matter.

  • Vooch

    never buy new

  • Joe R.

    I suppose net job creation is an alternate way to look at it although it’s not a given that everyone who lost their job at a small business is necessarily looking for another one. In some cases, especially with those who run the business, they may have made their fortune and just retired.

    Another possibility is small businesses fail more because it’s harder for them to handle red tape and high taxes. Regardless, the fact is businesses in NYC are over regulated and overtaxed compared to most other parts of the world. Reducing both might be a good idea, especially if we mostly do it on smaller businesses.

  • Joe R.

    The free transfers may have also resulted in some optional trips being taken which otherwise would not have been. That’s especially true if the subway is too far for most people to walk to. With double fares people may have said “forget it, too much money”, so the MTA gets nothing. With a single fare, the trip may have been more attractive. I have to say for me personally that often was the case. On days where maybe I might not have felt like walking the 2.5 miles to the subway I just wouldn’t bother making the trip at all. Once we got rid of two-fare zones I started making a fair number of trips to Manhattan I formerly wouldn’t have.

  • Vooch